Death of a Snowman

Death of a Snowman


I think he will be ok. Thanks to everyone who voted. :slight_smile:

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I almost gave up on this last Thursday, but after adding the snowflakes, this came together (mostly). Glad I stuck with it and got some votes. :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the first place win =]

Congratulations! Glad you persisted, it’s a fine design!

Hope he believes in reincarnation!

great win KG! the little snowman did you proud :slight_smile:

I feel like it’d be better named “Lifecycle of a Snowman” since it shows his birth too. :wink:

Great win kg! Congrats!

I wish this were an actual sweater!

Any way to get this in a sweatshirt at least?

How quickly we forget our school literature readings :smiley:

Sorry! Sweatshirts only come in these colors:


Yes, I had that in mind with the title. Figured nobody noticed.:slight_smile: