December 2014 Random

Random Scarves? i didn’t know woot made scarves?

I kinda laughed because we offered one, that I recall, anyway.

Would this be the one?:

Anyone able to comment on the differences between the poly-blend vs. pure cotton tanks, as well as the Jersey vs. non-Jersey zip sweatshirts?

Any differences in the fit or comfort?

I don’t have a huge amount of tanks to compare to, but for the few I have the poly are lighter weight(small is 85g) than the pure(small is 100g) and the poly are more clingy, but very soft with thinner fabric, and comfortable and, to me, cooler on a hot day. I have one black pure cotton tank and it has no side seams. The rest of my tanks both pure and poly have two side seams. The seams on the pure annoy me more than the seams on the poly.

This is a pure cotton small tank on me, 5ft, 105 lbs.:

This is a poly small tank on me:

Both photos taken today.

I don’t have any of the Jersey zips so can’t comment on those.

Jersey full zip hoodies are light and tight.

non-jersey full zip poly-blend is thicker and a little more room.

Why is random in quotes for the plushies? Is it because they are randomly picked boxes from a box of all of the same thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Noticed it fits in with the “random” scarf and “random” postcards

Props to shortman for the demo!

Awesome, thanks!

APPLAUSE for Shortman being totally badass IRL. :wink:


That’s the one, yes.

If only I could handle the chance of getting more Cathulhu or D20 plushies.

In for 7 plushies 2 packs. I totally missed out the first time and only got one (the adorable Nude! cupcake) so fingers crossed I get good ones, and can trade for a full set. I hope I haven’t made a terrible mistake lol. Thanks woot!

For anyone who missed the daily from yesterday, this may be of interest:
For some reason, it hasn’t appeared under the event (yet?).

Any Woot! (“billboard”) lunch boxes in the pool?

last time I got “random” I bought two three-packs of Woot Plushies… I got FIVE of the little ninjas and one orange. Didn’t need so many little ninjas. Not exactly random.

So the random sticker 10 pack, is that just any 10 designs at all or is it one of those sets like the ‘cute’ or ‘dr who’ or whatnot they offered a few sales ago?

Notice that the sale states that a glow in the dark sticker will be included with each pack. If that’s true then I expect these will be mostly Halloween stickers.