December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


Also thought that but I don’t see anything that would catch the pipe and to hold this up. I think it might sit on top of something that has a cylinder that would fit in there. Wires connect for speaker? and light?


It does seem like a speaker. Wonder why the one on the right side doesn’t have a speaker


I didn’t even notice that. Ugh.

Image Search on Google is showing me a bunch of baby bibs which I can see why a machine might see that but is definitely wrong.


I’m pretty positive the photo has them upside down. This way it appears something sits inside of it.


Post it to the subreddit “whatisthisthing”. That will get you an answer.


That was going to be the next stop if we couldn’t figure it out. That sub is amazing.


I don’t know. The majority of the writing letters can be read the other direction.


ah good catch


here is what was received. It was in pieces and i put together what i could.

I couldnt keep yall waiting for more of the mystery:


Well I officially give up


even Amazon’s product image search has no idea what this thing is.


Got my crap last night!!

First, and most importantly, crap in mah crap! :poop:
Woot BoC tote
Depressing graduation poster
Pool party napkins
Stanley utility knife - @DustyPir8Dawg already stole this lol.
New Yorker Christmas cards
Jeep phone stand
Little girls pink glitter slippers
Simplicity sewing pattern
Fantastic Beasts and where to find them Magical Movie Handbook
Power control switch
Cute kitteh socks
Kids plastic Wonder Woman shield
Blue dog collar
Christmas Mandala coloring book (so i can color away the stress)
Enclave sunglasses
Kids Death Trooper costume
Last, but not least…pink LED lamp. Battery powered and will look awesome by the pool!

All in all a pretty good haul :slight_smile: Thanks Woot!!

Peyton wants that crap and he wants it bad!

Awww…who’s a good boy!!!


If you search “le ménage en couleur” it seems like it has something to do with house cleaning :thinking:

But maybe it means the household in color? Some kind of fixture?


Congrats on the Letter! Looking forward to your futurepost.


I actually found that video on YouTube. I don’t have an AIPTEK camera (don’t plan on buying one), and felt that video probably represented fairly accurately what quality of video I could hope for if I did use the bike mounts. And it was vastly easier than buying a camera and mounting it since someone had already done it.


Ahh, that’s why you didn’t give me a like on my Crap posting.


Can you flip those over and give another picture of the painted side?

No print or embossed/molded information on or in the plastic?

Thanks for playing along!


He’s a GOOD BOY!

Oh good grief. Done. LOL


LOL. Yup. She is absolutely amazing. It is her birthday soon, so I plan to regift one of these items to her as a birthday gift.

On a completely unrelated note: We have a comfy couch.


OMG. I want that Hanukkah shirt! [goes to search the woot shirt store for it]