December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


@ThunderThighs OK this may be a big ask, but do you have a Shirt.Woot store link to the Hanukkah shirt in maxdam26 BoC? I so want to get that.


It’s possible that it’s not a Shirt.woot shirt.


Aww Dang. :frowning: Thanks for checking!


Oh wait, it was.

It’s just not in our catalog yet. Let me ask.

Update: We’re having technical issues moving shirts to the catalog. They’re working on it but no ETA at this time. I’ll post here responding to you when it’s fixed. You’ll see that you got hailed with a number by your avatar in the upper-right.


Thank you! i’ll check back later. You are awesome!


I’m just as intrigued and curious as yall. No identifiable printing or markings on it.

There are no screws or Hardware either just two random wiry thingies that must connect to something, and a random battery sticker and a white dot Circle sticker.


Never mind. Here’s photo of a puppy.


Y’all are demanding haha. What angles may be helpful?

It was bubble wrapped on arrival, but there was no other pieces except what I pulled out. No brochure, no stickers, or anything usual that may be useful in figuring out this mystery.


Hey, I’m pretty happy with this one!

We’ve got:

  • A queen-size heavyweight fleece sheet set, just in time for Winter and will fit perfectly on my queen-size bed
  • A set of blackout curtains in sage green
  • 2 t-shirts that I’ll donate to Goodwill
  • a Kendama toy
  • Some misc. phone cases



So do all 4 pieces fit together, maybe at the neck?


anything printed on those pcb boards


the text is “le menage en couleur” which means the household in color. having the damnedest time finding any product looking remotely close to this one though.


PERFECT I know what it is!


It’s a busted Hoverboard!


They fit together in pairs, but no screws to hold in place, and not all four together. I’m clearly missing a bunch of stuff for this, so sadly it will mostly likely meet Mr. Recycle bin. Nothing printed on PCB’s either.

My guess - Seems like an exterior shell to like a hoverboard style thing. I’ve never owned one and didnt know they are transferable, but maybe something like the next photo I will post.


Does it maybe mean mixing colors?



YES! And the detective award goes to @mtn3pitt


So, I guess it wasn’t an electric bird feeder. Gee, that could have been fun in the rain.


(I was thinking the same thing.)


Great minds are kinda scary, aren’t they?