December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


I love when wooters go on the hunt to figure something out. Nothing stops y’all.


If any one is in love with this, I can surely part with it. Otherwise, it is having a pre Christmas date with Mr. Recycle Bin.


Not busted – it’s a replacement cover and light set for one, however.

ETA: $25 on ebay for just the cover set.


Woot wins again, my disappointing BOC:
1 green crap bag
1 training knife, appears to be hard rubber
1 Woot pile of poop
1 Bluetooth earbuds
4 packs of 2 night light bulbs
1 kids chalkboard set (broken piece of chalk)
1 dart pack & clip
2 books - Getting off at Elysian Fields
Do I have to read both of them?
1 washable sidewalk chalk paint
Got one in the last BOC, too
1 wire and cable organizer
2 Cleveland Browns Christmas hats
1 Houston Texans knit beanie
1 New York Jets knit beanie
1 pair New York Jets knit gloves
1 pair Denver Broncos knit gloves
1 pair LA Rams knit gloves
1 pair New York Jets hand warmers

If anyone wants any of the sports apparel, let me know, I’ll be glad to send it. This is Bengals country.


Turn them inside out?


Something for everyone. How disappointing.


The whole family gathered around ready for disappointment when we opened the box. Everyone claimed their favorite disappointment.


My crap has crapped itself in my mailbox. I don’t even want to think about cleaning it up.

The dogified version (Anna was having trouble holding still):

And the de-dogified version (the crap stayed still, though):

The list:

  • Green Woot bag (I seriously use these bags all the damn time)
  • Woot Poop, because the best kind of poop is Woot Poop
  • Modern Principles: Macroeconomics textbook (just what I’ve never wanted!)
  • Math Study Skills Workbook, 4th Edition, x2 (I could probably use this but… nope)
  • 2-Pocket Portfolio with prongs, white (I’ll put it with the… orange one, I think… I got in a previous bag)
  • PCT Home Essentials two-pack curtain set, sage (third set of curtain panels I’ve received in crap)
  • Three-pack kids’ plastic hangers, white (if I find some kids to hang from these I’ll take pictures)
  • Fleece throw, navy blue (I can always use fleece throws)
  • Cardinals hat
  • Toronto Maple Leafs t-shirt, women’s crewneck, large
  • New England Patriots t-shirt, large
  • Carolina Panthers zip-up hoodie, large
  • 42 "Thanks for all the fish’ t-shirt, black, 2XL (nice!)
  • Mario “Mushroom & Neon” t-shirt, black, 2XL (gave this to my friend who is into Mario stuff)

Pretty nice haul and some of the clothes actually fit me. I will be sure to not study the textbook and workbook and not write a big long book report.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, or whatever floats your holiday or non-holiday boat. Thanks, Woot!


Woot, you have disappointed me by not disappointing me! Here’s what I got:

  • Monopoly money tray
  • 2x Chalkboard set
  • Star Ward Micro Machines case
  • Men’s 2XL dress shirt
  • Set of 3 bag clips
  • Tumi eyeglasses with case
  • Earbuds
  • Window Valance
  • Switch Pitch ball
  • Butterfly book
  • Belt backing? yup…
  • Dog paw cookie cutter
  • Alpine Swiss Men’s dress shoe, size 10
  • And the best part is the caterpillar dog costume. Anna lurves it.


Just got my box o’ crap today!! YAY me :smiley:
An official green bag o’ crap bag and squishy happy poo
Rubie’s Pet Shop santa outfit
Genuine Joe 50 CT hot cups
Frost King gutter guard 20’ long
Fantastic Beasts movie handbook
I Do 3D Vertical
Orbeez Crush and Draw
Jared Lang XL long sleeve dress shirt
Sockimals penguin socks
And my most favorite item: woot shirt Vincent Van Groot


I would sleep with one eye open tonight if I were you.


OMG - you got Toronto Maple Leafs socks! I think you got the best BOC ever. :wink:


Maybe you can repurpose it instead of recycling it. May I suggest a one-of-a-kind men’s urinal?


It’s a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! Not only did i get a cool BOC but I also got an unexpected SURPRISE - an actual Crap…NO WAIT! A WOOT LETTER!!! More on that later but first the spoils…
-Fleece Blanket
-TWO Ladies NFL Shirts (Tag price $48 EACH!)
-LED Votive Candles
-A dishcloth
-Gaffer Tape (I use this all the time!)
-An Emperor Pickletine Book - might have to consult the nephew on that one.
-Frozen Arm Floats
-Craft Cutter
-A cool Rubber Ducky Bubble Gun!
-3 Compartment Bento Lunch Boxes
-Bag O’Crap Bag
-Smiling squeezeable Poop
-Racers Edge #6 Labels (300 of them - whatever they are)

AFTER I had my lawyer read the fine print…

I am proud to say…

YAY for end of year crap! And I’ll post what you send me!!

I can’t wait to post pics of what I get! MANY THANKS!!!


This is my Brick of Cheese:

  1. Green Woot Bag O’Crap
  2. Wonder Women Shield - for Kid
  3. Crush and Draw one Set - for Kid
  4. Blue Blanket
  5. Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher
  6. Stanley Utility Knife - my husband snatch this one right away
  7. 5 Generations Picture Frame
  8. Fantastic Beasts Magical Movie Handbook
  9. Dazzles Comfort Earphones
  10. Power Control Switch
  11. Single-gang device cover for outside outlet
  12. Stem - for water faucet
  13. Apple power supply - no sure for which device
  14. A Poop Woot - very cute

I was di-SAD-ppointed - did not get the letter but I still have fun!!


Got my first BOC and was horribly disappointed. Woot got played by UPS. The shipping label said it was a 12 lbs box when in fact it was barely 7 lbs. But in all honesty I really enjoyed the whole experience. I will definitely continue to try and get more crap! The biggest disappointment was that I didn’t get a poop squishy!!! I was really looking forward to it.
Here is what I got:
-woot bag
-not one but two Fantastic Beasts movie books
-Oklahoma State tumbler
-high impact mouth guard
-referee whistle
-bombs away tub plug
-index card with a ring
-little doggie hat
-cheap Christmas ornaments
-12 pack flameless led candles
-crush and draw art kit
-spool of soft blue yarn
-and a XXL weatherproof jacket that fix perfectly
Thanks Woot it’s been a fun ride. Look forward to another go at it!


Ha, I love your lawyer! Congrats on the letter!


Congrats on the Letter.


Woot picks a random weight to put on all the BOC’s. They don’t individually weigh all the packages. So sometimes UPS gets played, sometimes Woot. It all probably averages out in the end.


I figured as much… but boy did it get me amped up to see 12lbs on the tracker. Next time I hope it’s 4 lbs. (because now I’m clearly addicted)