December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


December BoC:

1x PITT giant plastic mug
1x Game of Crap… errr… I mean skill
1x Reach Dentotape
1x Pink Rose Card
4x White linen place mats
1x Curtain Panel (too big for most uses, not big enough for the couple places we could use it)
1x Artic Camo Ninja
1x 10-pack Powertec Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belt (4"x36" 180grit)
1x 3-pack Twisted Veins 6’ High Speed HDMI cables with ethernet
1x Finding Dory pencil case
1x #16 Rams Blue shirt (L/14-16)
1x Miami Dolphins shirt (M)
1x Pittsburgh Steelers shirt (M)

Most of this will be donated to the Salvation Army later today.


Looks like we got a very similar BOC! Sorry to hear about your dog. :cry: I will post a pic of our dog in the costume.


I think Anna would like to debate you on that. LOL

I love that pic! LOL Good job Mr Lawyer! We will get busy packing up more crap!!!


So much fun!
Chemestry Cheet sheet
Woot Bag
Woot Crap, that I can Squish
Mylar baloon
Standard Female Aerator… Brass
Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus
How to Catch an Elf
Bamboo Kitchen slotted spoon
Kids safty cisors
Safty Vest, are you saying I should go to France?
Hex Keys
Clip and Store, for a RACK
Wrist gaurds, Ive been meaning taking up Skateboarding
Halloween Table Cloth
Knife protector… Shwing

Size M Iowa State Polo
Mets Decals


The POWERPUFF GIRLS PLAYSET!!! Ya i am not going to get any work done today!


Here is our complete BOC with utter disappointment!

1 Finding Dory toy (younger son claimed)
1 hanger thingy that goes on the wall with no bracket ( husband claimed)
1composition notebook (younger son claimed)
1 Fantastic Beasts book (already got one in a previous BOC so will donate)
1 pack of Knex darts with clip ( older son excitedly claimed)
1 unopened pack of Halloween paper plates ( will use next year)
1 new adult coloring book (gave to boss that loves these)
2 black binders ( next year for school for the kids)
6 pack of pocket kleenex ( very useful!)
1 bunch of fake leaves ( will donate)
1 small Princess Leia costume for a dog (see the excitement above!!)
1 12 pack of plastic snowflake rings (will donate)
1 unopened plastic desk frame (will use at work)
1 kids book Busy Moms (gave to co-worker with a baby)
1 How to Catch an Elf book ( already have one from previous BOC so will donate)
1 reusable Bag of Crap bag (will proudly use of course!)
2, yes 2 Woot! poo squishies! (both kids claimed)
1 opened bag of 100? flat, plastic mailer bags ( was going to use for trash bags, but too small :frowning: )
1 decorative turkey fan ( next year at work)
3 LED candles that change color (older son claimed)
2 vibration dampening pads ( not really sure that we have a use for these?)
1 gun clip thing (will donate)
1 Gentle Leader, pink (fits our dog, but he is a boy so gave to co-worker with a new puppy)
1 AMAZING NapSack in yellow, with a fan!! (Oh, wait. It’s just a box. An empty box! It’s a JOKE box! Oh, a joke box! Hahaha! Guess I’ll just have to find a NapSack somewhere so I can really sleep in meetings at work and in church. Very discreet! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So there you have it! As you can see, the dog LOVES being Princess Leia and I had to wrestle him to the ground in order to even get the costume off! Thanks Woot!


Massager update: the adapter arrived and it works! I get my massage!

Thanks again, woot! You guys are the kings and queens of crap! @ThunderThighs

Edit: this thing goes for $50 on amazon, so for the $10 crap and ~$8 for the charger PLUS all the other great crap I got (the poop squeezie diffused a toddler meltdown yesterday) I made out like a BANDIT.


Thanks for sharing your bag o crap. I’ve never been so lucky as to see them available and not sold out. My dog wants that toy tiger. I am covetous of the artist paint brush. I’m gonna keep looking for a bag o crap of my own! :grinning:


Very cool! I have a similar massager and I love it. I think you’ll find it’s well worth the effort to get it working.


Woohoo! That’s the wooter way! Broke? No problem. I’ll fix it!


The disappointment has exceeded my wildest imagination!!
…and I don’t have to convert my photos to imgur first! YAY!
Jetta shows off a ‘Dog Pamper Kit’ with all items needed to pamper the pooch in your family! She shows her excitement here.

Three IPhone cases in the most stylish amazing cool floral print. Gosh!

A cool medium shirt shown off by Chevy in his usual ‘After Breakfast Naptime’ energy conservation mode.

An indestructible camping coffee mug, some ‘kids hangers’ and an overly fancy stylish fashion-forward womens hat! These three items alone make this Boc over-the-top.

What? Chevy is showing off another mens Large shirt! It’s got a wild Christmas wolf or something on it bringing him back to his ancestral roots!!

Here. Jetta eagerly shows off a kids toy car. She is hoping I donate it quickly so a kid can get it to play with for Christmas!

A book! These book-things are made of paper and have words & pictures inside them. People used to pick up real books and READ THE WORDS! WOW! Also a very Chinese-looking screen protector. YAY YAY YAY!

There is MORE! Well, this one really pissed of Chevy. How could a piece of clothing with the Santa Clara forty-whiners be in this house? He INSISTED I grab his SEAHAWKS hat right away. He now shows his SEAHAWKS (GO HAWKS) pride. I had to keep him from peeing on the hoodie.


Next… Another Womens football hoodie, this one the NY Giants! It’s a Medium like that damn Santa Clara one.

Two Things in Plastic! The plastic is transparent and sealed. The things inside the wonderful sealed transparent bags appear to be something. The are BOTH something! YAY!

Lastly… I hate to bring this post to an ending. But, I saved the Best for Last!
Stupendous. Wondrous. Groovy. Far-Out. No words can describe my feelings here.
A color-coordinated blue/green Hammock! This baby (when tied to two appropriately-spaced trees) will be a perfect summer activity! Woo Hoo!

So ends the journey into my BOC. Amazement, disappointment, hatred, befuddlement, all the feelings were there.
Thank You Woot and Everyone involved in making this a really fun time.

EDIT: Made it to the ‘Thrift Store’ today and donated a box of toys and tiny shirts from my BOC’s I’ve gotten. All new! Hoping they get them out before Christmas.

Official "Crappraisals"
green grotto, part IV

Be careful! That plastic can be dangerous!


Mrs. D is going to enjoy retirement



A couple days late but it made it.

Also I have decided to wait until Christmas to open it.

What better gift to give to my family than disappointment!


We received:

  • 1 mini drain brush
  • 1 ceramic lasagna tray
  • 1 Snackeez cup
  • 1 pack of wet / dry vacuum filters
  • 1 pack of hooks
  • 1 padlock
  • 1 Carolina Panthers keychain
  • 1 Woot bag
  • 1 Woot poop
  • 1 set of nesting tongs
  • 1 ‘Picnic On The Moon’ blanket
  • 1 Atlanta Braves beaded necklace
  • 1 Kansas City Royals ID holder
  • 1 Fantastic Beasts coloring book (As fans of HP / FB and movie trivia in general, we were hoping for the other FB book that other Wooters have been posting. At least this one is from the right franchise!)
  • 1 ear, nose, and brow trimmer
  • 1 roll of decorative tape that says ‘Thank You’
  • 1 Galaxy phone case
  • 1 dabbing Christmas shirt
  • 1 ‘Let’s Glow Crazy’ shirt

Not Pictured:

  • 1 metal money holder (This is technically in the picture - if you squint, you can see part of the package sticking out from underneath the ID holder)

Overall, a delightfully random collection of items. Hermetta is currently engaged in a staring contest with her new friend. We are not sure who is going to come out on top.


So my wife couldn’t wait…

Here is everything I got.

I should add that the Ziploc bag is full of 1000 emerald rhinestones. I have no idea what to do with them and I am open for suggestions.


You should definitely bedazzle the bag o’ crap.


Here I was, all impressed you had more fortitude than me by waiting until Christmas. But now… well, I completely understand your wife’s decision because I couldn’t wait, either. :smiley:


I shall do this over the weekend. I’m sure I have a glue gun and the bag will be covered in emerald rhinestones.

A one of a kind bag of crap.


Humpty Dumpty costume
Inksipre coloring book
Busy mom kids book
How to catch an elf kids book
Fantastic Beasts coloring book!!!
Composition book
12 pack of terquosie blue crayons
Lions hat
3 ring flex binder enforce darts
Better homes coasters
Ps4 controller skin
Anti vibration pad
Dewalt socket
Emperor pickletine rides the bus an origami yoda book
2x set of vonshef cutting boards
Woot bag
And woot crap!

Thanks for the amazingly “disappointing” crap woot!


I was disappointed I was not more disappointed.

2 T-Shirts
Forty-Niner’s Sweat Shirt
Eagles Shirt
Blackout Curtain
Bag of stakes for drip irrigation (guess I will have to farm next year)
Festive Christmas plates
Wood decoration
Cornhuskers Sippy cups
Green Crap Bag
Brown deposit emoji
Kids Book (my daughter grabbed it for her 2nd grade class)
Yellow ribbons (to wrap around the old oak tree)
Apron (for Hannukah?)
Audio cable
Outback hat (Not sure … to wear to the restaurant)

NIce pile of stuff. Thanks Woot