December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


Thanks for my December crap woot!

This was a pretty good haul and the kids and wife were eager to claim many of the items.

Bag o’ Crap olsduddds

Shipping info:
Est. Del.: 12/19
Weight: 6 lbs

0 x texas air
1 x woot bag o’ crap
1 x chicago bears sun hat
1 x pack flameless candles
1 x emperor pickletine rides the bus an origami yoda book
1 x mississippi 1/4 zip fleece (l)
1 x stanley instant change utility knife
1 x woot poop emoji squish
1 x set of vonshef cutting boards
1 x resting silicone spatula set
1 x knex kforce 10 dart pack and clip
1 x little squirts eco friendly drink bottle
1 x ipad case
1 x santa clause is on his way to texas book

Official "Crappraisals"

  • Green Woot bag
  • Woot branded crap
  • Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus book
  • Ever After High costume
  • Dory Destiny toy
  • Cutting board set
  • Set of Cat-5 cables
  • Mini Fry Pan
  • Santa Sock Puppet
  • Set of youth M socks
  • Plastic premium cutlery set
  • Box Cutter
  • Detroit Lions Jersey M
  • SF 49ers Silicone lid
  • Beatles Abbey Road Cd
  • Beatles

A nice variety of items…Thanks Woot!

Obligatory Cat photo


Finally a chance to post my December crap! This was probably my most awesomely disappointing random crap ever.

1 bag o’ crap woot bag
1 extendable fly swatter
2 “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Turkey” books
1 Vikings cap
1 Vikings woman’s jersey
1 Connecticut Huskies small “Forever Fan” purse
1 Florida Gator large “Forever Fan” purse
1 pack blue card stock paper
1 poop emoji squishy
1 8x10 canvas
1 long paint brush
1 fleece blanket
1 UNLV bean bag
1 pair sweatbands
1 mini drain brush
2 HP ink cartridges
1 men’s winter gloves

1 missing letter? :slight_smile: (maybe one day!)


'Twas the week before Christmas and boy were we busy,
There is so much to do it makes my head dizzy!
There are presents to buy and wrapping to do,
Oh and I still have to go to work too!
Flashback to Wendsday and what to my exhausted eyes should appear?
But a large brown UPS truck! Instantly I knew my BOC was here!
I nearly flattened the driver when I ran to the door,
There may have been crap in his pants but I wasn’t quite sure.
I grabbed the box and raced inside to survey my haul,
“It’s here, It’s here, It’s finally here!” To my family I called.
Then my wife put a Taser into my belly,
And I jiggled on the floor like some melted grape jelly.
She said “Calm the F down and open the damn box!”
Even she couldn’t wait to see what we got!
My son then pulled the items out one by one,
He definitely thought that Santa had come.
“Woot is better than Santa.” I stated,
“Santa doesn’t give pillows of Texas air that come fully inflated!”
Thank you Woot for the 29 things,
From the toy poo to the sizer of rings.
You made the Christmas hustle a little more bearable,
With a lot of things that are sharable.
Please forgive the lateness of this review,
But at Christmas time there are almost a million things do!
Thank you again to all of the Woot workers and everyone involved,
And thanks you for not banning me (yet) for the horrible song lol!


You rocked that poem! Thank you so much for making me laugh. Congrats on the crap. :slight_smile:



A close-up of the cat 5 cables would also have been acceptable. :smiley_cat:


There was a… Lot of crap in this one, compared to the average crap I’ve scored.

Lots of NFL crap.
The kids liked the poop emoji stress squeezers and the yellow hairy light up ball things. They’re excited for some of the other crap too.

I don’t know how anybody is supposed to manage so much disappointment.

I’ll probably use the green woot tote a bunch.

Thank you Woot! People


Dog: “Wt Woof?”

Let me know how it ends.

That was AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!


Oh, mylanta… that’s a lot of pieces. And pounds. :scream:

Of course, I’m off work Wednesday, I have to work Thursday. #firstworldBOCproblems


Wow, that’s a lot of crap!


They will call you to schedule a time. Have fun!




Making good use of my Bigfoot gift tags from my very first BOC that came a couple months ago


410#? WOW. Concraps.



I wonder what’s the biggest bag of crap of all times is??


I have not opened the December crap yet. But I was so bad on not posting the past ones I would like to post them now. In about 30 minutes - it would be Christmas where I am at and I will open it with my family.

Received Oct 31 so I think this is Oct 2018 crap.

  • Powerpuff Gir toy - my son already broke it.
  • Cleveland Browns (s) NFL hat - neat - I guess the Lions sucks now so no one cares.
  • Really big brown shirt - I wear it at home.
  • Blue folder - not sure what I did with it.
  • Couple of door stoppers - it’s somewhere in my room.
  • I think the green woot thing is tissues - can’t remember.
  • couple of T shirts
  • Woot paper bag.

Overall, pretty good Crap. We usually give whatever we don’t use to Salvation Army.


This is probably the June one, pictures taken on July 04.

  • T shirt - yay!
  • Pizza Cutter - it’s less sharp than I would have thought, but useful.
  • Woot Monkey - became a casualty of my son :frowning:
  • Honeycoma table decor (?) - Salvation Army has it now.
  • 16 oz plastic cup - good item until it broke.
  • LED flood light - great item - but I am not an electrician … donated.
  • I don’t remember what’s in the whit box - but it’s donated.
  • Red shirt - yay!
  • Mosquito Head Net - became Halloween Costume
  • Woot bag
  • Mom’s fav child ribbon - not sure what happened to it.

As always, our family thanks woot for the bundle of joy and sometime ridicule from my wife when I open these BOC. She has been so kind for not banning me from buying them.


OK, this may be a repeat. If so sorry - but I must fulfill the duty as a citizen of Woot! to insure I post all the BOCs I got.

Pictured on May 1st. So I think it’s an April BOC.

  • 2 books - I think I donated them.
  • T-Shirt - YES!
  • Microfiber Cloths - I used them
  • Zip it open bottle opener. It’s on the re-fridge’s door.
  • I can’t remember what the green thing is.
  • Some baseball cards … what did I do to those?
  • Woot bag
  • Woot Monkey - my son broke it’s hands - yikes.
  • Black duffel bag - donated
  • Gun toy - it’s a cool toy and it’s an infra red gun that shoots at targets that will jump. We lost the targets :frowning: Darn it.

Well, I think I cached up - still have Dec BOC in the sealed box. It’s technically X’Mas now (12:18 am) but I want to open it when I wake up later today!

TT and woot staff - thanks for your guys - we got to buy cheap stuff sometimes and have fun with these BOCs.

I wish every one a very merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


My dec boc is unopened under the tree. Looking forward to see what’s inside… first Christmas in a while where I don’t know what I’m getting!


Opened my box this morning…
1 bamboo kitchen utensil (splinters)
1 large let’s glow crazy
Letters to Santa game
I do 3d go vertical toy
Frozen 3 puzzle pack
5 cleaning clothes
Pack of 100 poly mailers
Remington nose ear brow trimmer
Small pack of paper Christmas plates
4 dryer pals
1 squishy poop emoji
1 woot bag

Overall a nice haul fill with mostly useful items. Will throw the kitchen utensil out because of the splinters.