December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


:astonished:That’s a crapnormous amout of crap! :astonished:


It’s technically after Christmas (12/26 12:12 a Eastern Time). Finally I have time sit down and do this. This is for the December BOC that I received about 10 days ago and opened yesterday.

  • Woot! poo! - I almost left it in the box. My son’s favorite - at least for a couple hours.
  • Dark Green Woot! bag.
  • Gray/Silver container for dog food. Not sure what to do with that.
  • Lawn Aerator Shoes - a very heavy item. I guess I will give that a try in Spring.
  • Bag of plastic knives/forks/spoons.
  • 6 T shirts. 5 of those are women’s. 5 of the 6 are NFL team shirts - no Lions though. We got Saints, 3x 49ers and a Miami Dolphins. I am not sure what the non NFL team shirt is - never heard of that team.
  • A small canvas. It’s the thing with “8 x 10” on it.
  • A package that contains 4 fish hooks. My wife said it’s good for the hubby of her friends that does fish.
  • Mini Drain Brush - I need it someday?
  • A hat - it’s the item below the Woot! bag. Wife said it may be useful.
  • “I Do 3D Go!” toy. A little too advanced for my 4 year old. Try to figure out what should I do with it.
  • A pack of 6 greeting cards - “We the people American Constitution Butterfly” design. I forgot when I write a card the last time - it’s all electronic now. Heck, we just post “Merry Christmas” in FB and that’s it.

I think I get everything. This is a heavier box (8.5 lbs) and there are useful items in it - most for for my wife due to the shirts. But it’s fun opening it on Christmas Day. Thanks Woot! for sending us a Christmas gift - a unique one. (Letter will be real nice - I told our friends about Woot! and what a BOC is. I have not convince them - yet!)

Looking forward for the next BOC. I miss the time when one can get a BOC every 10 days versus the now 31 days. Any chance this can be changed back?


It was a Christmas Miracle! After years of trying I finally got a Bag of Crap! I can hardly wait for it to arrive!!


Nope. :stuck_out_tongue:




Hello great people of Wootdom!!! I am hear to announce that the gracious Wootlords have granted me a greatly sought after 11.3 lbs, disappointment-full Christmas BOC!!

Tune in next week to find out what happens in the next episode of: “Merry BOCmas!!!”


It’s been many years since my last box of disappointments. I was reminded this week at how disappointing these really are. Here is the picture, lots of goofy stuff.


My 10.3 pounds of Crap I scored on Christmas is scheduled to arrive on January 2! What better way to start off a new year than being utterly disappointed?! Oh Crappy Day!

On a side note I was pleasantly surprised to see that it will be coming UPS ground and not SurePost!


Mine says the 3rd 10.3 lbs as well


Did I read that right!!! Wait I need to put my glasses! Holy Crap!! Congratulations, I cannot wait to see your 410 lbs crap


LOVE the dog pic! Makes me happy to see him in it. :slight_smile:


Indeed – FedEx freight delivery, pallet/skid and the whole nine. My brother is stationed at my house (since I am at work) and video surveillance has commenced. Anticipating delivery between now and 1:00pm ET. Result post should be up later this evening!




:fire: Delivery update + Sneak Preview… :fire: IT HAS ARRIVED! :fire:

"It’s a Major Award!!"

That’s 410 lbs. of wooty goodness…

I’ll have to wait until later tonight to compile a complete catalog of contents. But so as not to leave you completely high & dry, here’s a quick look at my favorite piece of the haul:

That’s just the tip of the wootberg! Stay tuned… full post to come over the next 24-36 hours! (Work is the necessary evil that helps pay the bills for all this crap, ya know) :sunglasses:


COOL!!! I can’t wait to see all the wootiness!!!


My 10.3 lbs is coming UPS ground , due tomorrow


1st time I caught it before it sold out.

2 plastic insulated cups. 1 about God and 1 about Devils tower that’s missing the straw.
2x shirt with a bunny - way too big
Bamboo Kitchen utensils spoon -I’ll keep
iPad air smart suit - my iPads won’t fit
Bubble well for an aquarium - don’t have a tank
Heart shape plunger cutter - to make designs in baking? Umm no
10mm 1/4" drive - I’ll keep
Red Pearl beads - I don’t know what to do with these
120ct Sargent colored pencils - regifting
Moustache and eye brow stick on set - give it to my son
Some kind of LED touch panel - gonna figure this thing out
Woot pen and bag.

I couldn’t upload a picture from my phone
But I’m pretty happy with my haul!


Fox Outfitters Hammock with Straps - Best thing, pretty cool, will be nice camping! $30 on amazon
Woot Poop Squishie, 2 bags Dallas air
Sexy Cup Necklace Holders 2 - these are hideous and only hold can or beer not wine glass
Ultra Hardware 4" hinge - only 1, not much help
3 x Moustache & Eyebrow Set - could be fun
600 Questions Art Chene - Seems like a boring game
Clean Motion Beam Bugs Bike Headlight - fun and can be on bike
How to catch an elf book
18 Hanna K Signature 10 paper plates ugly fall - useful enough
Cleveland Browns womens large shirt - who wants browns???
Kaizen Warning Tape 55 yd
Popples Treehouse tossed back in - seriously, like all just the pieces, need to find a person with a little girl (that sounded creepy)
Drill chuck key
Light Hoodie bunny skeleton Run Away - Pretty fun, but thought it was supposed to glow in dark better - and medium, maybe a nephew.

Thanks for the Christmas BOC, it was fun and might still have time to give a few more as gifts!



Post what you plz!