December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


lol…so true…!


I’m pretty happy with my BOC haul this time. (At least I was until I found out there were LETTERS!)

1 Barbie Pirate costume -gifting to family
1 I Do 3D Go! Pen -gifting to friend
1 Sugar Skull travel mug - wrapped for daughter on Christmas
1 Uncharted mesh bag
1 Mini Frying Pan - pig
1 Pkg pumpkin paper plates
1 Pkg small paper bags
1 Box sockimals - wrapped for daughter
1 Fantastic Beasts - gave to daughter
1 Bell Pepper Fleece Hoodie XL - awesome since I bought two when they were offered
1 Woot Bag
1 Woot Poop

Thanks and Happy New Year to everyone at Woot!


My Christmas day-ordered Blue Oyster Cult arrived…

  • 1 pack of tabbed Exhibit dividers (recycled!)
  • 1 iPhone 7 case (we have a couple iPhone 8s in the house, don’t think this will work)
  • 1 pack of paper plates
  • 1 green woot BoC bag
  • 1 women’s small University of Maryland hoodie (nice hoodie, but not sure anybody can wear it)
  • 1 2XL Rabbit glow-in-the-dark woot shirt (sleep shirt perhaps?)
  • 1 Large Women’s Chicago Bears long-sleeved shirt (excited about this, we are Bears fans, but my wife says it looks small)
  • 1 “Ice Resin” frame… (Jewelry making item? not useful for us)
  • double switch wall plate
  • stick-on Mustache and eyebrow kit
  • 1 bamboo kitchen spoon (probably can use that one)
  • 1 two-pack baby pacifier – Washington Redskins (no babies here)
  • 1 Pink, king-sized bed skirt (we have a gray and yellow bedroom with a Queen bed)
  • 1 Woot Pen (pullout reads “Whose Pen is This?”)


That’s a nice catch! Some kid of laptop!


Alright, here we go!! It’s Pallet of Crap time!

First of all, I must give some credit and a shoutout to my bro @jeffcolburn for hanging at my house for a couple hours on his day off. For waiting on the truck, and handling the initial documentation footage & photos while I was stuck at work – Thank You! :+1:t3:

Speaking of the truck… this is straight up large freight:

This thing is tall! Only cleared the garage door by a couple inches…

Time to start dismantling this beast!

A small bit of damage on the bluetooth speaker jukebox thing. Also, I’ll need to find an AC adapter.

Now we’re getting into some meat & potatoes!

We have our first casualty! :sob:

Funny “smudge” on the panoramic view. :laughing:

The big prize! 14in HP Chromebook!

Some of the smaller/loose pieces…

Bucket O’ Duckies!

Here’s the big family photo!!

And the full list of items:

  • Dyson DC41 vacuum (Purple) Refurbished
  • HP 14in Chromebook (white) 14-q029wm Refurbished
  • Tower “Adventurer 2” 10’4" Inflatable Paddle Board WT86355A – it’s still rolled up in the box over on the right; kind of difficult to see
  • HP Envy 4500 e-All-in-One wireless color printer Refurbished
  • Craig Jukebox Bluetooth Speaker w/ Lights CHT935BT – some cabinet damage, no AC adapter
  • Sawtooth acoustic guitar ST-ADN-D
  • High Sierra AT758-BLACK suitcase
  • “First Edition” wootopoly (I now have x5)
  • Emerson Southtowne Ceiling Fan CF4900ORB (Oil-Rubbed Bronze)
  • Graco Pack ‘N’ Play – “Barlow” Collection
  • Omega masticating juicer VRT380HDC
  • NINJA 1500 blender/food processor
  • Rowenta room-size humidifier HU5120
  • Kelty Frontier Mummy Sleeping Pad
  • Alps Mountaineering “high side air pad” – I must confess, I don’t even know what this is for. :slight_smile:
  • Cuisinart 11-Piece Chef’s Classic stainless cookware set (Metallic Red) CSS-11MR
  • WORK HARD DREAM BIG canvas print
  • NFL Seahawks Football long-sleeve tee (L)
  • kids’ Winter Coat (3T)
  • 2x 6-piece sets Swan foam puzzle exercise mats
  • Sterilite Ultra-Seal 36-piece set storage containers
  • 3x Toyota Pole Assembly Pull-Top Antenna B00GKMPXK4 86GCUII 86309-0C020
  • Rubbermaid 4-shelf Closet Helper 3S28
  • Dimple foam dart blaster DC12621
  • Sorbus Home 3-tier Can Rack
  • ABCOSport 2-Person instant pop-up Tent
  • Luxury Townhouse play hut
  • Nitrix Pinemeadow 3-wood (tragically damaged)
  • Above Edge AEIGT1 Interlocking Grass Tile System (4x 4-packs)
  • ABCOSport Golf Putting Practice Mat – goes great with the Grass Tile System! :smile:
  • MOTA Holiday Train Set
  • DIY At-Home Selfie Booth
  • Champion Sports 100m fiberglass tape measure
  • Fruit Infuser beverage service jar – the fact this didn’t shatter in transit is a miracle … and/or a testament to FedEx freight shipping & handling :smile: :+1:t3:
  • Full/Queen 90"x90" cotton knit blanket (taupe)
  • Comforter, white w/ lt. blue trim (unsure of size, didn’t take it out of the box while in the dirty garage)
  • pet bed
  • Minnie Mouse art kit
  • Stainless steel foodservice bin w/ lid
  • roughly two dozen miniature rubber duckies!
  • small plastic document storage box – not quite big enough to hold all this crap. :smile:
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s bear/dog mask thingy
  • 3-wheeled Rubbermaid Basket Cart – I presume it originally was equipped with four. :laughing:
  • Yoga Mat
  • Christmas Garland
  • a couple of funky drop rugs
  • a couple of random fishing lures
  • lobster cookie cutter
  • dog bandana
  • “White Christmas” towel

All I can say is… WOW! That’s a huge pile of Crap!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU so, so much for this experience and for the windfall of goodies! When I started buying all this crap however many years & attempts ago, this was the moment I had hoped would eventually come. And I must say – you did not disappoint! (even though I know you tried) :wink:

Several pieces have already been claimed by my bro for his kiddos. A few items including the Pack N Play and the Cuisinart cookware are headed for local church & women’s programs to someone in greater need. And I’m working on making sure the Dyson & the Chromebook are functional. :smile: :+1:t3: So no, I don’t keep everything! Truth is, my wife wouldn’t let me anyway… :laughing:

You get the idea. :slight_smile: On to the next one!


Nice stuff! I hope everything works and cool that you’ll be donating part of it. Thanks for posting the photos.


Yay! Been wondering where you were but that was a long list to pull together. Looks like Kristen and Donte set you up with things for fun, things to fix, and things to share!

Thanks for the post and enjoy the disappointing crap!!!


Amazing!!! You have won the best jackpot!! Thank you for sharing with all of us. Congratulations!!! And Enjoy i!!!


Congrats on the long list of really nice stuff and thanks for the great photos


so much great stuff!!! :slight_smile:


so… we gave this crap box to our grandsons on Christmas eve…

I warned them. you know this is a random box of crap, there might not be even one thing is this box you like or want! it is just crap right?? they said yes granny, we know.

anyways, they took the whole contents of the box home!! lol


Kinda late but my visit with family took longer than expected

Only one side is done so far…


Hi - not to be a nudge but my Lawyer has been camping out in my mailbox watching for more crap from my Woot letter but we haven’t heard anything more since before Xmas. I tried to explain everyone deserves time off over the holidays but he replied “ThunderThighs NEVER takes a vacation - and BTW I charge by the hour so I’m staying on watch, sucker!”

Any update you could provide would be helpful!

Mikey and Rudy Chimpiani-Attorney at Law


Sorry for the delay. Things were a bit weird last week. Checking on it.


This is so wonderful.


Yessssss I am so glad you decided to go ahead with this :laughing:


@ThunderThighs should totally make a contest based on this. The best decorated Woot! bag wins a bag of crap, or something like that. The possibilities are endless…


So cool! And unique. :slight_smile:


I hope your lawyer considers running for president someday. I admire his perseverance and adorableness, two traits we definitely need in the White House.



Just between you and me his rates are BANANAS!:sunglasses: