December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


The thing about crap is as soon as you get one, you can’t wait to get another one!
My crappy crap list:
Ethernet cable
3 shirts
2 iphone 7 cases
scarf hangers
coffee mug
bamboo stirring devise
faux candles
lg crafty stamp dohicky
musical chocolate molds
bar napkins
passport bumper case
woot writing devise
woot crap transportation bag

I just want more!
Thank you Woot for being the bringer of crappy dreams!




Oh hey, I bought a BoC. I think this is my second (or third?) post-Woot one, but the first I’ve gotten around to posting. Here’s pics of what I got ( squishy hockey pucks used for scale):

And here’s my best interpretation of what all that is:

Two Chicago Bears shirts (Sorry, those aren’t going to fly in St. Louis)
An N Wildcats polo
Plastic playland tree thing
—^ Throw Away^—

Carniverous Bunny t-shirt hoodie
Collapsible Drinking Cup & Pill Box
7 cheapo lunch containers with lids
—^ Find Someone To Give To^—

A pink wooden spoon (though it’s a little, uh, splintery?)
Squishy Woot Poop Emoji
The Bag
Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus
—^ Keep/Use ^—

I would likely have one day bought that Emperor Pickletine book, I love all the Origami Yoda books. (If you have kids age 5-14 or so, who are at all into Star Wars, then they will too.)

The poop emoji is cooler than the pucks from the looks side, but is too squishy for actual stress relief. Or maybe I’ve just gotten a super-strong grip from all the time squishing the puck.

On the whole, this matched my expectations - enough good stuff to be worth the effort of throwing away and giving away the stuff I don’t want. No 60-inch TV, but at least I didn’t get a box of angry bees. Thanks!

bonus shit sandwich pic:


LOL. Love that pic.


What size?

FYI, meh squishy pucks are not recognized standards of measurement yet.


Looks like it’s a Men’s Large. And consider this my proposal to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.


As soon as catshirts becomes a recognized form of currency.

(Look for a whisper in a random thread too.)


I hope you will at least consider donating that “Plastic playland tree thing”. Goodwill, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, pre-school, shelter, etc.

If you Google “donate toys near me”, you might find someplace convenient.


Hey @MikeyGF! It was as I feared. A weird week last week and Kristen was on vacation. She’s the one that keeps things moving back there. They will get it out on Wednesday since tomorrow is another holiday.

I’m sorry for the delay!!!


As mentioned elsewhere it’s literally random pieces thrown in. It’s…possibly all of the pieces? But there’s certainly no box or container. In my experience, Good Will has (reasonably) rejected donations that aren’t easily sold. I suppose the right thing to do would be to try to build it all and then donate it, but I’ve got enough actual things I’ve bought that I still need to put together.


No problem - THANKS for looking into it! Can’t wait to post what I get!


I got that hoodie too, thought the bones were only supposed to glow in the dark… I tried and it slightly flowed in the dark but not as expected.


I noticed my BoC (first I’ve managed to get since May of 2009) has not moved since Friday, December 28th. Should I be concerned?


Adult coloring book
Huge black American flag? Or tablecloth I don’t really know
Washing Machine Cover
2 packs of glue dots
A “2016” pack of cutouts
A Monopoly money tray
A pen
A teenymates Cincinnati Bengals keychain
A Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable cable
Soundsoul Banana Connectors? 12 pairs. I’m not a musician so I have no idea what these are or do
2 suction cup hooks
A glass cutting board
A face painting kit
Orbeez crush and draw etch a sketch type thing
Barbie Nabi fitness tracker band

Pretty good haul, I have a 4 year old daughter who is stoked over most of everything. If I didn’t have a daughter I definitely could have re-gifted a lot of these next year to save on Christmas purchases.

Thanks woot! I’m impressed and disappointed at the same time!


Does the flag have one blue stripe? That is kinda cool either way.
I had no clue you were supposed to cover your washing machine, that is news to me!
At least with 2016 you can flip the 6 to make a 9— magic, 2019!


Looks like it was delivered today. Enjoy the disappointment!


Woot failed. I was not disappointed at all with this haul! A few very cool items. You’ve outdone yourselves. I’m really pleased with this box. The Kurt Cobain CD and picture are very cool. The dress shoes and even my size! Well done!

The breakdown:

Woot Bag
KURT COBAIN - Montage of Heck (2015) Lithograph Art Print
KURT COBAIN - Montage of Heck (2015) CD
2x Indianapolis Colts Glasses
1x Labradoodle Glass
Washable Sidewalk Chalk
Poop emoji (squeezable)
Steelseries Pro Gaming Gear Headset
7/8 Drill bit
Washing Machine cover
Art Flag
Discovery Robot Construction Kit
Alpine Swiss dress shoes (correct size)


Those washing machine covers crack me up. I’d love to see one modeled.


@ThunderThighs I’ll give it a shot but I don’t think the wifey is going to let me stick it over our washing machine. :slight_smile:


Just long enough to take a picture - tell her folks from ALL Over are asking Please!