December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


It’s winter. Tell her your washer is cold and needs the cover to keep it warm.


@AnniKat I was somehow able to get her to play along. The washer is too big apparently but here is my attempt to model it. You will notice a fatal flaw in the design.

You can’t zip it all the way down. So it’s just two open flaps on the side. A little weird. It didn’t fit all of the way across the top either.


Ha, that’s awesome! And so is your washer. Thank your wife for us for letting you do this. :slight_smile:


Hey! I have that exact [looking] washer & stand set!

And drat for it not fitting. It’s so hideously ugly, it would have been wonderful to see it fully modeled.

But kudos for trying. Too bad you can’t tell a washer to “suck it in” so you could zip it.


here is the bouquet of heinous garbage i snagged shortly before passing out from cheap holiday liquor:

  • some kind of “Crush and Draw” arts and crafts kit. somehow you’re supposed to grind up plastic dust and put it in a stencil. reminds me of what would happen if you made a beautiful stained glass piece and then shattered it in a drunken stupor. honestly the name sounds like something you’d do on the table of a nightclub with questionable party favors, not that i would know anything about that.

  • sidewalk chalk paint, which outside of the bucket looks like a smuggled bag of aforementioned party favors, except you aren’t supposed to mix it with 8oz of water & smear it on the sidewalk. unless the police were about to pay you a visit soon. again, don’t know anything about that.

  • a 7/8" forstner / spade bit for a drill. i actually don’t have this size one, and it would have really simplified the job of drilling out my bathroom glory ho-kay i am going to stop when’s dinner?

  • a 90-degree metal tube meant for dryers, or a prosthetic for the god damned Tin Man, you tell me

  • i was greeted with this horrendous mask that looked like the visage of a mummified Aztek sorcerer but it turned out to be Five Nights at Freddy’s. still undecided on what’s scarier.

  • a Star Wars Princess Leia costume meant for, and i quote, Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, Pomeranians, etc., NOT my fiancee’s cat, which i warned her to not attempt. i have to run out to go get gauze soon, i told her i’d take her to the hospital after i’m done writing this angry Woot screed.

  • a bookmark featuring a Jack Russel dog, with some Hallmark-esque quote about dogs being in our lives but they also take our lives. i probably have that wrong. there’s also a weird keychain of a dog that looks like a Monopoly piece. i call dibs. and by ‘dibs’ i mean i already threw it in the recycling.

  • 2pc of 2-foot paracord with hooks. that’s actually useful, because i broke mine trying to tow a Radio Flyer behind my Ford F-350. the cops didn’t enjoy that one either & it’s not my fault that boy scout doesn’t have liability insurance

  • a Poop emoji made manifest. it also says Woot on the back. how fitting.

  • a New Orleans Saints fanny pack, a sentence that makes me angrier the more i type it. i think wearing this, even if you’re on Bourbon St in the midst of a festering NOLA Super Bowl win celebration, constitutes treason.

  • a wall or ceiling mount for a light bulb, which would be great if you love bare bulbs with no shades or reflectors. perfect for that “police interrogation” motif i was going for at dad’s house.

  • a whisk. i hate eggs. i hate food. i hate everything. i don’t want this. don’t remind me of failure damn it! okay next item

  • this LED lamp/flash light that looks like a wasp’s nest, maybe i can sit this down next to some dynamite to convince my roof wasps to move to a richer area. i need them to move out, i haven’t seen my kid in 2 weeks and i can’t get anywhere near the stairs.

  • pair of cute cat socks. my fiancee likes them. they look like our cat.

what? were you expecting something else?


@ThunderThighs my boc won’t be here until Jan 16…

Old 2011 BOC Must Pick Up. Woot will not ship.

…I’ll be happy to pick it up at a nearby Amazon Hub :smiley:


You made me laugh. A lot. I bet you hate that.


Clucking amazing Wootbot Letter Pallet Crap.


Not a bad BOC:
-Skylines Book
-Snowman cookie cutters
-Green woot bag
-The Platters CD
-3 pack mini permanent markers
-Woot pen
-6-inch metal flange
-Woot shirt bunny shirt
-2 boxes of solar powered led lights
-Moustache and eyebrow set
-Fantastic Beasts magical movie handbook
-Womans medium miami dolphins shirt
-Mans large chicago bears shirt
-Fleece Hood


ok, my BOC is here. It consisted of:

1X adult small Maryland hoodie. very nice quality
1X youth large NY Giants official jersey shirt.
1X adult XXL bunny shirt - not sure what to do with that.
1X bamboo spatula
1X woot pen
1X microphone windscreen (no microphone to go with it)
1X kids 3D pen set. Doesn’t look all that advanced, but haven’t tried it
1X eyebrow and moustache kit (guess I’ll save that for Halloween or my next bank job)
1X Woot bag

weight was listed at 10.3 lbs, but I think it was lighter than that.

Thanks for tuning in!


Give it to an XXL bunny.


My bag from Christmas Day.
Small rabbit shirt
Medium NY giants shirt
Large ribbon
Double walled plastic cup
Wooden spoon
How to catch an elf kids book
2x plastic halloween table covers
Orange doggie sweater
Woot bag
Woot pen

One really odd wrapped tube… contents inside…?

I was most excited about the pen because I’m stuck in meetings all day and I wanted the one that said “why are we here?” But the one i got says “Made you Look/who’s pen is this” You got me again Woot!


Thanks Crappraiser!


Scored some appcrap and its out for delivery today!!! Woowoo! It’s like a second xmas!!!


Think of the body outlines you can paint on your driveway come Halloween!

LOL. Sorry we didn’t send any Sponge Bob Squarepants bandages.

I approve of your disappointment.

Film at 11!


Christmas Day 10+ lb BOC is here!
1 Woot BOC bag
1 Woot pen
1 mini 3ft tape measure
1 Hurricanes cell phone case for S6
1 (really nice) Raiders sweatshirt, size L
1 XL bunny shirt with glow in the dark skeletal structure
1 Miami Dolphins shirt, size M
1 3D Wall Art set thing, construction zone
1 yellow and black referee jersey, size XXL
1 16 oz double walled cup, Delaware-themed
1 box of 50 pressure sensitive abrasive adhesive disc thingies (what, haha)
1 hanging camping lamp
That big box says “Clear Crackle Votive, 18 cm, Set of 3” - I haven’t opened it yet.

All in all, a pretty awesome BOC. Thank you!


It’s a Christmas cracker


My Official Crappraisal came in today!
Three flashy-lights! Not too bad.

I rate this:

Thank you, Crappraiser!


Got mine yesterday, best BOC I’ve gotten in a while.

Got the Popples tree toy thing
1 Bamboo slotted spoon
1 “Ornate Deer Stocking” kit
1 Womens Patriots sweater, size L (wife hates the Pats, but she’ll use it to sleep in since it’s comfy)
1 Chamberlain “Clicker” Garage door remote
1 set of deer skin gloves, size medium (not my size but it will go to the local shelter to get put to good use)
1 Dexter 9" filet knife
1 measuring tape key chain
1 Irwin vise grip multi-tool (can definitely use the vise grip)
1 orange folder
1 XL Glow in the dark rabbit shirt (finally a shirt in my size)
1 Jets New Era hat (no Idea what I’ll do with this)
1 “Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus: An Origami Yoda Book” book. This will go on my son’s bookshelf, who knows if he’ll ever read it.
2 5x7 picture frames
1 Woot Poo Emoji stress ball (not pictured as it was claimed immediately by my wife)
1 Woot bag

I think this even beats my anniversary special edition crap.


Here it is!

cat is not amused :sweat_smile:

Not a Woot! monkey but a ty mini will do :grinning:

bf said the napkins are for decoration and not using :roll_eyes: but I like using not in season napkins!!! ush. too nice of a design :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Go sports! yay! these will stay in box for goodwill or if a familymember/friend wants to claim :hugs:

As always some useful and not so useful things, thanks for the fun Woot! ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: