December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


This might be that “plastic playland tree thing”:

or at least parts from it.


Well my Dec 29th Woot App Crap is…



…I guess it doesn’t matter, it not real BOC anyway :laughing:


Here is my Xmas BOC

Westcott Kids Scissors x1
Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus Book x1
Handy helpers Bamboo Kitchen Utensil x1
An American C=Company Spray Bottle x1
Digitaldudz Moving Eyes Hungry Bear Kids Shirt (M) x1
MLB Boston Red Sox Hand Crafted Glass Christmas Ornament x1
Live Sustainably 16oz Travel Mug x1
Freshware Bento Lunch Boxes with Lids (7 Pack) x1
Woot ? Bag x1
The Pocket Index Dividers x1
Metallic Fringe Banner (Oktoberfest Themed) x1
Sprinkler Stakes (50 Pack) x1
Seirus Fleece Hood Facemask (XS) x1
Run Away! Run Away! Hoodie (M) [Defective Zipper =(] x1
Poop Emoji Stress Ball (Not Pictured) x1


Ahhh, thanks for the clarification!


Mine IS a true BOC and I have the same delay! Talk about severe pre-disappointment disappointment!


App crap isn’t a real BOC? It follows the same 31 day rule though, doesn’t it?


App Crap from the game or App Crap “Crap that exclusive to the App that isn’t an actual Box of Crap”?

There are items listed on the app as “App Crap” that are in fact, not a BOC, but just random crap they sell exclusively on the app. But that’s not a surprise box, you know what you’re getting, so I don’t know why the would be included in this thread.

I’m just rambling now and am tired. I need to go.


Gotcha… I thought you were referring to the crap that can be won in the game through the app on the weekends.


Which is actually where I got mine, but it was a legit BOC:BOC


All crap is crap. They’re all pulled randomly from the same pile of crap to fulfill the crappy orders.

The only different craps we sell are Limited Edition but those cost more money. They’re less crappy.


Well either way, I’M REALLY hoping mine is a 7.2lb letter!


So my app crap is really real crap not just a side order of crap?

I guess it’s confusing because there are different ways of getting crap now…

But I think it’s been clarified now that it’s all crap and you have to wait 31 days to get more crap unless it’s a limited edition constipated crap.

But I have one final query, and that is, does any crap have the possibility of getting a letter in it?

I don’t know if that’s a crappy question, but I just wanted to be able to say the word crap again.


Think of it this way. We use one SKU (internal part number) for ALL craps. Everyone orders that one SKU whether it’s in a Woot-Off, Digital Crap, Twitter, etc.

The only different ones are the Limited Edition $50 BOCs that we offered for our birthday and Christmas.


Howdy TT, would have posted earlier but decided to wait for Christmas to open the crap and then the day after we got in the car and took a road trip to visit family where we had to deal with more crap, and not the kind from Woot!.

The folks that were over for Christmas dinner really enjoyed the opening and I was able to pawn off a fair amount of it. There was so much laughing, my face was sore.

We then took some of the leftover crap, not just from today, but previous craps with us and gave it away to the family. Someone organized a gift exchange game thing that someone who wasn’t prepared for built a “gift” out of the crap that hadn’t been claimed yet. Then we left it all behind.

  • 1x Dory whale shark pull and go toy
    Fairly sure this is the third one I’ve gotten and they’ve all found a home

  • 1x pack of women’s Asic’s socks
    Immediately snatched by one of the grown kids at dinner

  • 1x Jets branded silicone lid
    Not immediately taken, but along with a small Jets jersey I had previously gotten, was taken by a “well I like that one player on the Jets” fan at the family visit.

  • 1x blue 1" three-ring binder
    This I’m keeping as we have one attending community college and so I assume it’ll disappear shortly after the semester starts.

  • 1x K’Nex 10 dart + clip packs.
    Sigh, no gun for this, but it sure looks like I should find one to give it away.

  • 1x set of red and white bike lights
    I didn’t actually try them out, but I did put them with the other bike stuff we have, so they’re ready when we need them.

  • 1x Santa (I guess?) puppet
    This was one of the items used to build a “gift” for the gift exchange.

  • 1x set of three bamboo cutting boards
    Taken by one of the kids newly living on their own.

  • 1x women’s Vikings jersey
    No takers for this, but I left it behind at the family get together, so it’s now someone else’s problem

  • 1x XL camouflage hoodie
    I now recall lots of folks wishing this was their size. I am not actually sure who actually ended up with it.

  • 1x Beatles CD collector pack, including a collectible figurine
    I now can’t recall which CD it is, but there were two people who both had CD players and were Beatles fans. I think one got the CD and the other got the collectible.

  • 1x Book, “Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus” (An Origami Yoda Book)
    The neighbor was interested, and I think we convinced his wife that he wanted it and so she took it with them.

  • 1x pupper, not included
    So cute tho. Ok, went past ugly and circled all the way back to cute, but still.

  • 1x Woot! green shopping bag
    Very Christmas’y going along with the red shirt I was wearing.

  • 1x Woot! branded pile-of-poo
    I think this may be the ultimate Woot! branded item. Although I really liked most of the other branded items.


As in AFresh1’s post, we opened this on Christmas, after his crap folks were primed for disappointment. The folks who were new to the crap at least had some idea what was going to happen, so still so much enjoyment.

Then took a bunch of this crap to his families house with

  • 1x Book, “Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus” (An Origami Yoda Book)
    A second copy, which makes up for AFresh1’s copy the neighbor took.

  • 1x tank top, black and white
    Larger than would fit the folks who were there, but I think it went to a good home.

  • 1x Set of three kitchen tongs
    Went to the kid who is newly living in their own place

  • 1x Pair of “Adult” footless tights
    We didn’t open them, so not sure what makes them “adult” tights. We assumed they are missing something other than feet.

  • 2x soccer ball mouse pads
    Someone had gotten a new mouse, so although they didn’t want it, we made them take one of them. The other went to the family visit.

  • 1x Christmas Sponge Bob Beanie Baby
    So keeping this. It went into the Christmas decoration box when we got home, so it’ll be here next year.

  • 1x set of four pens
    Which seem nice, tho who writes stuff anymore?

  • 1x set of children’s hangers
    Which is the third set of these we have, but sadly forgot to take them on the trip where we ran into 14 youngsters.

  • 1x Pet Shop Bow Tie, modeled by Lilly

  • 1x Mini Drain Brush
    There were some comments about it, due to a recent colonoscopy, but no takers.

  • 1x Coloring book, “inkspirations in the garden”
    Nearly had a taker, but there was one quote that was just too “inspirational” and so it got left behind.

  • 1x “Arrow” Playstation 4 controller skin
    Got taken by that same, recently living on their own, child.

  • 1x set of four fall themed paper plates
    We’re so ready for a small gathering around next Thanksgiving!

  • 1x Red dog collar
    While it looks like a dog collar from the branding, one of the neighbors was fairly sure it was their husband’s size, so it went off with them and we didn’t ask too many questions.

  • 1x Pink Arkansas Razorbacks plastic cup
    Which got taken by a fan of pink, not a fan of the Razorbacks.

  • 1x Pair of “Razzles” earbuds, originally branded Jolly Ranchers
    The neighbor still took them, but was a little unsure after the deception.

  • 1x empty box, novelty themed as if there were a “Nap Sack” inside
    So many folks were hoping it was actually in there, but taken by someone who I think will put it to good use.

  • 1x XL grey moisture wicking shirt
    Someone decided it would fit and took it. Nobody else was of the same opinion, but fortunately they didn’t say that loud enough and so we don’t have it anymore.

  • 1x K’Nex 10 dart + clip packs.
    Still no way to use it, but will keep hoping!

  • 1x set of red and white bike lights
    Went into the pile of bike stuff to be doled out as needed

  • 1x set of three bamboo cutting boards
    This set we still have, but they’re pretty nice so will come in handy.

  • 1x Cougars very large women’s shirt
    I think it was too cold for this shirt as I think that although it’s really large it will be worn over other things by someone smaller. But, it got left with the family so we may see pics later.

  • 1x Woot! green shopping bag
    Packed some of the stuff we took on our trip in it, so weren’t able to bedazzle it, no matter how cool that was.

  • 2x Woot! branded pile-of-poo
    That’s twice the crap that AFresh1 got, so pretty happy with this haul!

And, finally, another shot of Lilly modeling the bow tie. She’s only a little camera shy.


So there’s a chance of a wootbot letter in a digital crap won BoC?


No. Letters aren’t prepacked. I think we’ll be doing letters during Birthday and Christmas now.


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Cute pupper.


What if we asked really really nicely? —> :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Please!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

…Or maybe just months that end in a vowels or a consonants?

Hint: Maybe on my Birthday too? It is in February.


so this is mr. micks extra special 50 buck box of stuff.

he opened it new years day.

it was mostly just incidental type crap and not so super special…

except… unbeknownst to me… he wanted a pair of those fancy wireless ear thingys!!! WHOO HOOO!!!

we got this steelers hoody… it is a 3xx… if anyone wants it… just let me know:)