December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


HAPPY TO SAY the holiday FOG has lifted and my WLC (woot letter crap) is ON THE WAY!

All 576lbs of it!:crazy_face: Needless to say my lawyer is head over heels…

He figures it’s 2,304 Woot Monkeys!

or a LOT of zip ties. STAY TUNED - Delivery scheduled late next week!


Christmas Day Bag of Crap

I was in CA when it arrived, my husband was given explicit instructions to NOT open this one. I opened it within 10 minutes of walking through the door. :slight_smile:

I have taken 3 days to get the chance to post it however, but here we go.

? bag

Woot pile of poo!

Poppit Clay toy (went to neighbor’s school for their “store”)

Slip and Slide…cmon, who doesn’t remember this as a kid! (gave this to friend’s little adorable daughter who is about 4 or so)

bag of 10 gift boxes, HANDY!

Mustard squeeze bottle (went to neighbor who does art stuff)

Brush (went to neighbor who said she REALLY needed a brush! Woo, glad it went to a good home, I don’t need another brush)

Purple laptop sleeve (keeping this for my backup laptop that I loaned out, will use it when I get it back)

Outlet (going into the garage misc box)

Green cutlery (neighbor with adorable 4 year old girl wanted this)

Doggie greeting cards (neighbor giveaway)

Washing Machine cover (can’t GIVE this away…lol)

all in all, a disappointingly fun box

Thanks Woot!


You know you’re a true Wooter when…


A little late to the game with my December Crap but the holidays and all…

  • Orbeez Crush and Draw
  • 3D pen thing
  • Navy blue button up shirt, size L (but fits like M which is excellent for me)
  • Poop emoji Woot squeeze toy
  • Floral print washing machine cover (I don’t have a front loader, so…)
  • Discovery Channel robot
  • Fantastic Beasts book (seems a popular item in this thread)
  • Advent candle set (opened this BOC on Christmas Day, so will have to wait until next year I guess)
  • Coffee cups
  • Woot grocery bag

I was excited for this one at 12 pounds, which is heavier than past Craps were listed at…not sure 12 pounds was accurate though. As always, fun to open with company and laugh at the contents.


They pick a random weight for all of the packages for all of the labels so they can print them all in bulk. They don’t individually weigh packages because it would take way too much time and plus it’s all crap.


Unexpected delays in shipping, but I finally received my BoC from 25 Dec! A very interesting compilation overall:

  • A studio microphone filter
  • Women’s M Buffalo Bill’s T-shirt
  • Women’s S Seahawks T-shirt
  • Large bunny (glow in the dark) T-shirt
  • Exercise arm band for smart phone
  • Tin musical box
  • A silicone easy jar opener
  • Woot pen
  • Woot bag
  • LA King‘s keychain
  • Pipe thread seal tape
  • Mustache and eyebrows disguise
  • Kids zombie girl costume
  • A “20 and almost legal” cake topper









It’s not like you guys in St. Louis have your own team anymore. May as well pick someone good to root for.


We might be too lazy to send out your next BOC. :stuck_out_tongue:



Well with much anticipation I finally got it! This is my 3rd BOC of my longtime Woot! following and was surprised by the quantity of Crap in the box. Fortunately, I was able to financially justify the $10 for the items I’ll use, and each of my kids claimed something so, HAHA Woot! disappointment only slight. (Only disappointed because I see how many people got Origami Yoda books lately AND I didn’t get a squishy poo!)

Woot pen - Big hit
Woot bag
2 pack foldable theatre glasses - Unforeseen hit
Girls size M “Special Police” costume - Fits
Medium New York Giants T shirt
Arrow staple gun staples - Needed
Kansas City Chiefs small dog collar - Sorry, only have a big dog
U of Colorado clear stadium bag
Kids garden gloves - Fits
Irwin drill bits - Will use
Fancy Thanksgiving table runner - Actually might get used
50 pack tissue paper - Needed
2 aged bronze double wardrobe hook - Totally using
Stainless Plateau Deep Plate
Witch hat for dogs - Dog extremely unimpressed and doesn’t appreciate being tortured
Wine holders
3 pk markers
2 bags of air - For some ridiculous reason, I don’t see anyone mentioning these anymore!?

Thanks TT, looking forward to the next one!

This is literally the best picture I could get… Not interested


hey, my son wrecked the car a week before Christmas, it’s been a rough December


Is he okay?


yes, thank you. I should have added that. he is fine -scrapes and brusies. that subaru did it’s job. car was totaled, though.


Subarus are the BEST - we are a two blue Subaru family

  • different shades and different models, but 2 Subarus.

Very glad your son is OK.


To be fair, you just said you were too lazy.

I’m sorry December sucked but very glad everyone is ok.


Popples tree house
Green Woot bag
Woot pen
Bamboo kitchen spatula
Travel pill box with drinking cup
M glow in the dark rabbit shirt (forgot the name)
2 blue garters

For some reason the app isn’t letting me add a picture so I give up.


You know - this wasn’t terrible! And actually quite a but of stuff for such a small box!!

-woot tote bag
-rubber portable canteen/drink pouch thing?
-kiss emoji hanging touch light
-one 150 watt lightbulb
-women’s M Vikings hoodie
-women’s L NY Giants t-shirt
-new Yorker Christmas cards
-honeycomb turkey decorations (pack of 4)
-1 drawer handle
-picture book: “Walk Around: F 117A Nighthawk” (why does this exist? This is the worst picture book I’ve ever seen)
-dimmer light switchplate or whatever it’s called
-size L glow-in-the-dark bunny shirt (I LOVE THIS SHIRT.)
-flashing letter ‘D’ solar powered keychain
-vegetable peeler
-christmas light replacement bulbs
-chicago White Sox men’s sunglasses
-pack of 75 beverage napkins
-keyless lightbulb socket (only know that’s what it’s called cause of the package…)
-1 pair of green work gloves
-pack of wax melts, ‘melt my heart’ scent
-3 football phone sticker wallets
-mini permanent markers (pack of 3)
-children’s scissors
-kidz bop Christmas cd

Overall, not terrible! The vegetable peeler was my favorite. I had a peeler on my birthday wish list (birthday is next week) so it was like an early gift!! Thanks, Woot!


These are great for running/hiking/camel impersonations/etc. You’ve got a bladder but you’re missing the pack that it usually goes into which is totally fine because no one uses these things for the previously mentioned activities anyways. The real fun starts when you fill one of these puppies up with the beverage of your choice and stuff it down the front of your shirt. It’ll change your life!