December CRAPS! Post them HERE!!!!


Go Blue!


After ten+ years, and over 80 craps…


:snowman_with_snow: YAY for end of year crap! And I’ll post what you send me!! :snowman_with_snow:

The WootGods have shone upon me, and WootBot has bestowed the ultimate honor (and “duty”, lol)…

I hereby humbly accept the sworn duty of providing photographic evidence, in testimony of the bounty of crap that I am about to receive. THANK YOU, WOOT!


Congrats on your Extra Crap!


not going to list everything, but there was definitely a lot of crap. Also some useful items i can use as gifts.


No pic?




My crap arrived a day early! Woohoooooooo!
I knew it arrived early because my wife texted me “You are an idiot” while I was at work.


  • 1 Finding Dory whale
  • 1 Small party light set
  • 1 Adult colouring book (perfect for me!)
  • 2 small photo holders
  • 1 Three-pack kid hangers
  • 2 thanksgiving turkey decorations (My wife actually likes these!)
  • 1 Woot Crap bag
  • 1 Dylan book on his music
  • 1 Kids book featuring animal parents
  • 1 Elvis CD
  • 1 Stamp craft book (My daughter stole this one immediately)
  • 1 Elf kids book
  • 2 rail attachements for a rifle
  • 2 Steelers toothbrushes
  • GENERAL Leia dog costumes (*sniff :sob:)
  • 1 Caca squeeze toy
  • 2 small metal hangers
  • 1 set of coasters (perfect for my game room)
  • 100 mylar bags
  • 1 broken blue folder
  • 1 metal hinge
  • 1 Fantastic Beasts book
  • 1 Composition book
  • 1 fake tree branch


  • 1 joke gift box. (this one is immediately going to be used to send stuff to my sister)

Sorry, no dog pic wearing the Leia outfit. Mine passed away over Thanksgiving. :frowning:


The letter! Wooters of yore have proclaimed its existence but I have never seen photographic evidence until now! Congrats! You have spent upwards of $800 for this moment. Revel in its obscurity and know that upwards of 10-15 people are extremely jealous of your experience :wink:


@digitaljanitor That video made me seasick. :face_vomiting:

Who’s a good dog!?!!? You are!


Well lookie here at who got a letter! Crapulations! We’ll get busy!!


Well, that was rather lackluster. :sob:


ROFL. This cracked me up.


Squirrels, old Mazdas, palm trees, we get it. You deserve the off brand camera mount with the probably too small clamp for the handle bar and the strange shaped mounting screw for the camera. Don’t rub it in Digital Janitor :wink:


Did you attach your camera mount to a Corn-popper?


You do realize that wasn’t his video, right?


Congratulations!! This is the kind of excitement I love to see. I hope you get lots of good stuff.


My BOC has arrived.

1 x Metallica themed Child’s Hannukah Shirt - Awesome
1 x Poo Emoji Stress Ball
1 x Lego Chima Character Encyclopedia (mini-fig missing)
1 x Maryland University Polo Shirt.
1 x Car Hanging Trash Can
1 x Woot Bag of Crap Reusable Tote
1 x Airline blanket of some sort
1 x Large File Folder
1 x Hanging Camping Light
1 x Galaxy S6 Case
2 x ??? I have no idea what these colorful plastic things are. They even have some circuitry things, but they seem to be missing a substantial amount of parts. (Anyone know what they are please help, otherwise they are truly just crap and will be recycled.)


I was pretty excited about seeing someone get a letter, but those two mask looking things have me going crazy!


That was my first though but they look like hard plastic.

Looks like the circle on the inside might be for a speaker? Or a strainer for draining? But then the free wires (yellow and red from the bottom of the left one) make me think no water. Looks like there is some kind of shield/reflector/film on the top smaller part maybe for a light?

What is it?


I was thinking a pipe would slide in there. What’s really throwing me off is the wiring inside.

Need more mystery pictures