Deck Boxes

I won’t be buying one of these…but I will be watching the SNL video the headline brings to mind:

Pretty skimpy on the specs. What are the dimensions of this box? I assume that assembly is required.

135 gallon storage capacity is not a dimension.
I’d even take them in MKS units.

All the deck boxes are

10 Square feet of storage
exterior dimensions:
57.38" w x 29.75 " d x 28" tall
interior dimensions:
53.75" w x 26.06" d x 26" tall
shipping weight:
125 lbs
Assembled Weight:
110 lbs
carton size:
60" l x 32.75" w x 7.25"d

Hope that helps

Yes assembly is required on all our storage chests

Check out

Also not buying, but kudos on making me lol at the tagline.