Deck or Grille LED Strobe Warning Light

Deck or Grille LED Strobe Warning Light

Fun times… install these and when a law officer pulls you over you can flip on YOUR lights, hand them a reverse card, and demand that you are pulling THEM over!


I triple dog dare you.

Reverse! Now the trip dog dare is on you!

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Anyone know whether they can be set to a steady glow, like to use the red as brake lights?

Or, can the modules be fed power directly without the controller?

I ordered a set, but am only going to use the red lights.
I honestly don’t know how these could be sold legally, as red/blue strobe kits are restricted to law enforcement use only.
If you bought these, and aren’t a LEO, better stick with one color, or you WILL have a bad time.


This is likely the type of product that is only illegal to use improperly, not to own.

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Without a doubt.
The problem is, if an officer see’s them on AT ANY POINT, other than in a car show, that would be improper use.
And not just that, it opens up impersonating an officer charges as well.
Use at your own peril.

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Varies by state.

Volunteer :fire:fighter here, blue is legal when you are going to a fire or to the firehouse. I’m gonna get a set since I have no light for my truck yet, just vfd plates in NYS.

Oooh, it’s COP CAR IN A BOX!! ©

They are illegal to use on the road in Texas unless you are an LEO or certain other exceptions. Surprisingly cheap, though.

Steady/flashing BLUE is debatably illegal (VERY few exceptions) almost everywhere in the US. The description seems to target a quite small subset of the possible purchasing population; could be an expensive learning experience (particularly if you flash YOUR baby-blues at a LEO flashing THEIRS)…

I bought these and already received them from Woot. Really bright, good flash patterns and seem sturdy. I am going to use them to setup a Halloween crime scene effect. Should work well for that.