Declaration of Independence

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Bah! Missed this shirt? To buy it, click here!


how did THIS win?

Funny and clever, but not my thing. Good job though!

Grats on yet another print, Cho! way to go.

“Condition: New”

I like that. I like that very much.

Congrats on another well-deserved win, Captain. Looking forward to see your take on Energy as well - you always come up with something amazing, both in concept and in design.

Too bad green wasn’t allowed this derby. This would look great on green.

Heheh… actually, looks great anyway. :slight_smile:

YAY! Got one. :slight_smile:

I knew this would be either 1st or 2nd based upon the other designs that kept flip-flopping between 3rd and 4th. :slight_smile:

Congrats again, Cho! I always love your stuff.

idk, its too “liberal” or free for me, but cool design.

Great concept, visualized perfectly, and funny to boot.

Great concept and perfect execution. I’ve been waiting on this one to hit. Very nice work El Capitan.

Congrats Cho on another printing. Great design and stellar execution as usual.

finally, a shirt i like enough to buy.

great work cho, but i’m not a fan of his lip ring/disc/gauge thingy

I like the George Bush devil horns… so “Skulls” like

nice. sure to get a bunch of doubletakes.

Congrats! And thanks for uploading your shirtcomp template. I just discovered it and used it for this derby…