DecoLav 22.5” Oval Bathroom Mirror with Seperate Glass Shelf

when in the lav, i always deco

There is “a rat” in separate

If put into a shower, remember that shaving cream on a mirror will stop the fogging.

I bet it has a “separate” shelf, too.

air five for grammar

you gotta keep em sepArated…

and they stepped in a big pile of…

Shhhhaving cream
Shave every day and you’ll always look keen

Wow, I don’t know the retail price for these but I’d be all over this deal if I had not just picked some new bathroom fixtures.
I have Decolav glass bowl sinks and they are very handsome (and expensive!)

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

$86.52 in my zipcode at Lowes:

Lowes Product Page

It was the second pic that really sold me on it…


I’d been on this if it was brushed nickel.

Wow, that really is quite a nice looking piece. I have no reason to buy it, yet can’t help but still kinda want it.

Agreed, the different sized window really gives a refreshing view.

this is probably my most favorite product description of all time. :slight_smile:

lol same pic

I wanted to say that! (But if woot hired ppl who could spell, we wouldn’t get such great deals!)

I let them know.

, who is the wootiest one of all?
Be it jon, or mick, or ralph or mary?
Perhaps don, or rick, or steph or harry?
Nay, perhaps the grandest winner be,
the buyer of the Bee oh Cee.