lots of musical shirts recently

I think i might have a problem. I decided to check out shirt.woot for the first time this week and already bought three in 5 days. I need to get off this site before i am either broke or drown in shirts.

Finally a shirt worth purchasing, so unbelievably glad this made third place.

Neat shirt. That’s Fur Elise, no?

the music is Fur Elise (Beethoven).

VERY funny shirt.

the design actually looks pretty good when it’s not all compressed and artifacted :slight_smile:

In for one! Congrats to the designer, this looks great. :slight_smile:

Glad it made it. Got this and Cool Breeze.

I’m hesitant to get this because the light colored ink on my sea chimp shirt ran in the wash and got distorted. It might have been a one time thing, but I think I’ll pass.

too many brown shirts

One for me one for wife.

Excellent. I needed a brown shirt with a cool design on it. This was perfect.

Congrats, this is an awesome design. Too bad I ordered the brown one on Friday or I would get this one too. I’m starting to wonder - if I like 2 or so shirts a week, what am I going to do with all the shirts?

geez another music shirt. I could wear all these woot shirts and have a music degree in under a week!

My prediction was correct, decomposition did win :smiley: Got one! I broke my 1 woot shirt a week promise to myself. :frowning:

WOW im so happy about all these music t shirts i got 1 every night lol this 1 is hands down my favorite.this derbyer should just get a job working with woot!

Oh, and I love the design, but something about the design and placement just doesn’t work for me on a brown shirt. I do love wearing brown shirts though.

Yeah this theme was awesome! I really wanted Fight Song to place though. =[

Ha! This is great for me, for some reason brown is one of the colors that I actually look less horrible in! Seriously though, glad this won, I liked the design a lot. Too bad for fight music though…Definitely the most notable near-miss XD (wee bad puns!)

After two shirts this weekend, I am going to sleep on this and if it is still up when I get up, might just pull the trigger. Would have been easier if the color wasn’t the same as Cool Breeze…