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I am looking at getting the Daylight 24 402071-15 Adjustable Beam Floor Lamp.

Got mostly excellent reviews at Amazon but when purchasing there it has a one year warranty. Why the 90 day here?

Anyways, someone have experience with this lamp?


If any of you bought the “Hearthstone Beaded Metal Jar Holder” one of the numerous times it has been offered, I would love to know if the beads are glass or plastic, and whether it is nice or cheap looking. Thanks in advance.

Model number is a bit different with a -39 instead of -15. That could be the difference in the warranty. We did double check and ours has a 90-day warranty.

Thanks for that… I didn’t notice the difference in model number. I thought it was the same.

RE: Faux Book Bookshelf. Could you give the spec numbers for height, width, length? I don’t want to guess and get it wrong. Thanks.

This one?

They’re on the specs:

Dimensions: 32" x 12" x 29"
Weight: 68.36 lbs.

If not, let me know which item you’re asking about.

Very angry at you woot. You sent me two of the glass front cabinets with dings and broken legs on both. The glass was destroyed in one. I could have returned the huge things or a $40 credit because they were “out of stock”. I took the credit, propped the legs with a couple if books and paid 70 to get the glass replaced. Now you are selling them again?

Really wish someone could tell me how big the solid circles are in the Lifetime 5100055 Elements 36x20 Wire Circlz Patchwork Metal Wall Art! Anyone have this puppy that can give me an idea? Anyone? Bueller?

The two bottommost are ~5.5"
The center and upper left are ~7"
The two on the right are ~6.75"


Daylight 24 402071-15 Adjustable Beam Floor Lamp

Got the lamp yesterday! What fast shipping and a fantastic lamp!

If the Woot! buyers are ever able to pick up some more of these lamps I know I will pick up at least one if not two of these or the -39 model *especially at this price point!

Showing the company website to friends I am pretty sure others would buy as well.

Not only great functionality but incredible design!

Please bring back more more more!!!

@fjp999: Thanks for taking the time to come back and review!

You are welcome TT but SERIOUSLY if it is possible to bring back these crazy, amazing lamps …

The UMA Wood Cube Set looks like it would be good for cats. Can anyone at Woot rentacat and verify their compatibility?

But seriously, cat “furniture” is tacky and I don’t want beige rug covered l4me stuff (seriously…you edit that to say lame normally??) in my house. If I could use this, it would be slick.

BTW…how’s pet.woot coming along? You know you want to.

Brought in cat from home and threw her on the cube set. She immediately fled under the nearest desk and is refusing to come out.

My cat unwilling, I assessed the boxes with the keen eye of a lifetime cat owner. Though I’m too big to climb up it myself, I think if you put some fabric down for naps and a dealie-bobber on top to play with and maybe add some scratching posts attached to the lowest cube walls it would make an A++ cat tree.

not bright and looks bigger than it actuallt is…,. overpriced… no good…