Decorative Accents for the Home

So how’s your home decorated? Does it have a theme, or is it just a hodgepodge of ideas?

Mine is mostly is color based with whatever I like on the walls. I suppose some of the art matches unintentionally well but I am just drawn to certain pieces more that way.

Seem like dust collectors.

New life goal: be rich enough to hire a bathroom butler.

Is that the horse statue from the Very Brady Sequel movie?

I thought it was the Trojan Horse and it simply shrunk in the wash.

My house is tastefully decorated in computer equipment. I also created a mobile using some old AOL CD-ROM’s and Windows 95 diskettes.

Mine is decorated in early Toddler disarray - I think it offsets the stained carpets & tattler sofas perfectly.

Actually - I am very very eclectic…and the only ting I really want is the tissue butler as I know my boys would love him, but they’d also likely break him…that’s the trouble with the things small children love. :frowning:

Resisting urge to buy that bathroom butler…

If I buy that…my wife will KILL me.