Decorative Grey Metal Pedestal


I guess this goes with that OTHER candle holder with a bird that tortured us all last night.
Put a bird on it!

…lovely… quick buy 3

If only it had hooks on the bottom to hang that silverware i just purchased . . .

Well said.

Apparently, these are very popular in Maine.


What, no silverware?

If you leave it outside during an electrical storm and have a fork nearby, you’re all set.

This looks like something I would pay $2 for at a garage sale. Noooo thanks.

The candle is nice though.

Thank heavens they caged that candle. I was so afraid that it was getting out before it had served its sentence.

Makes me wonder if Maine knows something we don’t? Odd.

I’m beginning to notice a theme here…

I thought there was hope for humanity…until I saw this.

This would make the perfect gift for someone you didn’t like very much.

+1 for the NL Christmas Vacation reference in the description =)

Just as I was pulling the trigger on the flat ware it was replaced with this Ross reject. Curses. Foiled again.

Is this a second? Isn’t the bird supposed to be in the cage?

Doesn’t Stephen King live in Maine ?

Cant somebody buy 1,000 of these already? Maybe Stephen King?