Decorative Thingamabobs



Am I the only one that looks at this and thinks The Little Mermaid?

Looking around here you think
Sure, she’s got everything
I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty
I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore…

Okay, fine. Cast your thoughts on these items! We’ve seen a fair number of them before on Home so if you have one, speak up!


I actually ordered the Riptide 5 candle holder 3 pack before during a woot-off. One of each color. Unfortunately one of the three pack of the silver color didn’t make it (ironically only two glass parts broke). I’m happy to say woot customer service took very good care of me, but I was disappointed they didn’t have more to send at the time. Looks like I can satisfy my crazy woot buying problem, and order a few more now. I think they will make excellent gifts, especially since I got some nice smelling tealights from Ikea. Cheap gifts that look so much more expensive are the best!


Haha! Some of their stuff is nice, but the return of the spoon fork bird garden spinner thingy cracks me up! Somebody was on something when they designed that.
I do love the birdcage candle holders.


I hadn’t thought of that… That’s it!!! That is the theme song for that ‘lovely’ creation. It’s a thingamabob!!!


Are you sure they’re thingamabobs? To me they look like thingamajigs.


Well now we know where the ugly whatzits go between woot-oofs.


I’m sorry. That should be ‘ugly but decorative whatzits’.
My bad.


are both of the birdcage candleholders the same color? they both say “Sturdy powder coated steel construction with a weathered silver finish” but the photos make them look like they’re different colors…


Addams family would like most of these things but since my taste is more conventional I will skip on these and hope that woot taste will improve with the next offering.


I could have sworn there was a dinglehopper in there!


Ok woot, who on staff had a welder that had a breakdown renting a room in their basement? And where are the bodies that he also left when you left a note regarding the bad smell.
I will pay for monkeys, but an attempt to sell possible personal identifcation trinkets from missing people???


Ah yes, it sure is a genuine, certified dinglehopper.
On second look I also realized that I had ordered the 3 pack candleholders last time and two arrived with broken glass. I wish I could switch them out, but they are very poorly made with Walmart on the box… They are glued in to the metal, albeit with a clear glue, but it oozed over the edges, and is clearly visible. I’d stay away from those. I was hoping for some cheap Christmas presents for some people I’m obligated to buy presents for, but I don’t even think I could push the one intact one on them.


Then bird feeder looks nice, but as a veteran feeder, two things to remember:

1 - Any animal that likes the food you put out will try to eat it. So you’ll likely get squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, etc. if they’re in your area.

2 - Birds don’t use the restroom. So if this is going on the deck, ah, have a spray nozzle ready every couple of days.


I almost want to get the Grey Metal Pedestal and then hang it from my porch with a action figure dressed up like a pirate in it for the birds to pick the limbs off.

For Halloween of course.