Deep Blue Death Squad

ooh no, fish, I’m so scared.

All I can see is Teenage Mutant Ninja Narwhals.

ZOMG!!! JW, is that Philip???

Congrats on the print, btw :wink:

You can get whaled on by a whale :slight_smile:

Yeah, I definitely see some sort of ooze-related origin with this bunch.

Yes! Destroy each other! And I shall harvest your precious, precious blubber! Muaha!

Awesome, congrats on the print T!

The bottom right one looks like he’s flipping the bird…

At first I thought the one on the bottom was flashing the middle finger, so I spent a few minutes trying to figure out you can flip someone off with a flipper.

Then I realized it was a knife, and I must say I’m a little disappointed now. I really was enjoying the middle finger from the fingerless flipper.

One looks like it’s wielding a flamethrower. But that cant be.

I think it was drawn like that on porpoise.

I applaud the artist for not going with killer whales. That would’ve been too obvious.

How do nunchaku work underwater?

I don’t WANT to be flipped off, I just think it would be amusing watching a whale try to. That is all.

Never bring a knife to a swordfish fight.

Congrats, Jewelwing!

Haha i like the guy in the middle with the buck teeth and horn!



Congrats Jewelwing! I love the underwater characters!