Deep Blue Space

Ummm…how did we jump from first place to third??

Why is third place today? Did I miss a day?

On the vote page, this shirt is listed as 2nd place chimp:

Edit: In the comments, it’s pointed out that this was already printed at Threadless:

Now, will we get a 4th place shirt tomorrow? If we are, may I suggest that it be called the “Shemp”?

With that said, I really like today’s sea/space shirt.

It’s the Farpoint Station! It’s still truckin’, though being followed by a different Enterprise!

Go go poisonous floating space stomach! Cosmic Jellyfish knows all, sees all, consumes all.

Captain Nemo was right! The jellyfish shall doom us all!

I was thinking the same thing…

Oh woot, you think we can’t count to 3? XFD

All aboard the FAIL BOAT! Captain: Shirt.Woot!

I did notice that too. It should be 2nd place today.

looks like we are going space truckin’ no wait maybe space sailing?

very cool. actually reminds me of the Journey - ‘Escape’ album cover

Trying to find out.

I also noticed 3rd place was up. I thought maybe I slept through Saturday.

Looks like a Dr. Who adventure on a shirt…

They skipped The Sharpener because it had already been printed at Threadless, broke the rules.

Did I do some drugs and forget or something? Because I am totally lost on the meaning/point of this shirt.

This is an incredible piece of artwork Chris, and was easily my favorite design of the past contest. As I’ve said so many times about your work, the atmospheres you create are mesmerizing.

Congrats on an extremely well deserved print sir. :slight_smile:

That’s odd… I thought someone had already brought this up on the shirt’s thread and the artist said it had been submitted at threadless, but never printed. Too bad, I really liked that one.

How do you think the design would look on a woman’s shirt? I’m considering snagging this, but uncertain if the design would tweak over the chest area.