Deep Cover

“Just try to act casual… No, wait-- I mean formal! Try to act formal!”

looks like the mob boss of a gang of penguins

The name is Bird…James Bird.

I’ll have a grub martini…

Shaken and not stirred.

Whoa-- Who would’ve guessed that this is a six color shirt? Nice detailing, Mark Skipper.

So… it’s like a classy version of Imposter? I dunno…

I may be pleading ignorance here but, what’s with all the Twitter-themed shirts?

Crap, I forgot to put on pants.

Dead giveaway that that bird is an impostor: those cuff-links are totally wrong for the occasion. Learn how to dress, will ya!?

You can tell from their formal wear that those penguins are real Gentoolemen.

ha! fashion on the flyway

Squawk Another Day
Iceberg Royale
From The North Pole With Love


This shirt tells the world: The writer listened to the Beastie Boys back in the day.

Once again woot gives us the bird, or birds rather.

The one in the suit seems to be the only bird that realizes bad stuff happens when you party naked. Penguins can’t hold their liquor.

Some Like it Cold

no Marilyn Monroe here, though…

Three penguins on a shirt. Am I missing something?
Hang on, I think I see it now…man he’s good.

Ah ha! I see what you did there. :smiley:

Pinkies up, guys.