Deep Red Mendocino Mini-Vertical (2)

Paul Dolan Wines Deep Red Mendocino Blend Mini-Vertical 2-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $100.20) 40% off List Price
2007 Deep Red Mendocino Blend
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Uh oh. I can see the biodynamic debate coming!

What debate? :wink:

Either you don’t believe in it and don’t want to buy the wine because you feel it helps contribute to VDDD. Or you don’t care about the VDDD and because you (or someone you trust) likes the wine, you will buy it.

Buy or don’t buy. There is no try. :tongue:

I am overstocked on drink now wines and almost out of cellar for later wines…what kind of window does this wine have?

Sounds weird to me.

Seriously, I will say nothing this entire offer. It will be hard, but nothing from me. : X

why does the winery say bottles of this is are $44.99 & at the top of this blog the guy says normally sells for over $100 ? did he not listen to the winery notes on the sale page of this woot or not ?

Take a look at the specs tab. That explains the numbers behind the list price shown on the sale’s detail page - includes average sales tax and shipping costs.

still specs say $90.00 that’s not $ 44.99 for 2 ?

my mistake ; (

What the hell is vddd? Extreme std?

Ok, I’ll bite, what is Verd?

Where is Kyle when you need him the most…?

4 sure.
Preparation 500 - Cow manure is buried in cow horns in the soil over winter. The horn is then dug up, its contents (called horn manure or ‘500’) are then stirred in water and sprayed on the soil in the afternoon. The horn may be re-used as a sheath.

Sounds pagan to me. I’m not reusing the horn for a sheath in my household - just sayin’.

I am the manager of the Direct to Consumer Division at Paul Dolan Vineyards and am stocked we are offering this wine today on Woot. In answer to your question about shelf life, this wine can be put up for 10+ years easily as it is Syrah and Petit Syrah based. When we do a verticle tasting of these across six years, the older ones complexity just gets better.

This is the first time we have ever offering these wines together for a sale. Hopefully folks will enjoy the sale!

Those that detest Biodynamics (due to the lack of science involved) refer to it as “Voodoo DooDoo”. Thus, VDDD.

There’s a whole thread about it, around here somewhere. :wink:

If the winemaker pops in, I’d be interested in the reasons for the varietal changes between the two vintages. As in, why more PS in the second?

I had a recent opportunity to try the 2008 Deep Red, Mendocino Blend, which consists of 37% PS, 30% Primotivo, 28% Syrah and 5% Grenache. Upon PnP, I found the wine to have a nice burgundy color, but it was still translucent (in front of a piece of white paper). The aroma was of dark fruits, with a little oak. Initial tasting revealed cherry, then plum and a finish of dark chocolate. I recorked it and let it sit until I met an hour and a half later with some friends. We tasted this together. In the group were those that preferred reds, others whites and even those that preferred beer. The words used by the group to describe this wine included: fruity, oaky/smoky, dry (as in tannins), a little sweet and a little bitter (a strange range). The fruit flavors I found on the PnP had mellowed. We all agreed that this wine would go very well with a hearty meat. I preferred the PnP flavors, which were more PS-like, than the mellowed dark fruit flavors of two hours later. While I am a big advocate for decanting, if I bought this wine, I would probably drink it it as a PnP due to the bigger fruit favors. Three out of six of my friends liked this wine, while three were indifferent about it. (Note: no one in the group was aware of or could have cared less about the methods used to produce this wine. They are just people who enjoy drinking wine.)

Christmas started out as a Pagan ritual. Personally, I don’t care about the biodynamic part but can appreciate the organic part. Just good farming practices in action.