Deep Red Mendocino Mini-Vertical (2)

Please read what Peter says (see, it’s not me saying something but PW).

I probably should have qualified my statement to note that I believe organic practices should at least be supplemented with synthetic chemicals (fertilizers/pesticides/herbicides) as needed.

I spent 20+ years in the landscape industry where I was a big proponent of IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

In a nutshell, “Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices.”

The idea is not to eliminate synthetic chemicals entirely but to limit their use in combination with other methods; organics, tolerance thresholds, timing patterns, etc., in order to achieve the best possible results with minimal harm to the environment.

Hey wooters! I tried the 2008 version of this offering recently and have some notes to share…give me a few minutes to settle down (2 and 4 year old boys are a handful…) and I will post. I am not a professional or as well versed on wine tasting notes as some wooters on here but I know enough to hopefully be of some help

The winemaker is on his way to a much needed vacation right now after the amazing harvest everyone had this year. Each year Deep Red is made, the varietal blend will change according to the quality of the fruit in that year. Deep Red is always blended to impart multiple levels of complexity and richness for how the wine will taste after a couple of years aging in various oak barrels.

I will post more info once he texts me back with more info.

I spent thirty minutes posting ans managed to lose everything! Ging to have to shorten my tasting notes on the 2008 Deep Red.

Wife and I had this over two days. The bottle is very classy in person( for what it’s worth)

Day 1

Color: dark almost black purple/violet with

some ruby red when held against the light (Grenache influence?) Nice colr

Nose: she got Candy cotton/jelly donut while I got some banana (yes, banana!) immediately after opening. I was expecting dark fruits based on the blend. Anyway, after about 15 minuted the wine settled and I got some leather/tobacconist o. The nose. Not much fruit though. Seems tight

Taste: wife said it was good but tannins very high and drying. I did not get much fruit at all but tasted some cedar, tobacco leaves…wine felt very tight so I poured a glass and re-corked. I also noted is wine is NOT a sipper but a rib eye wine for sure.

Four hours later: I tried the glass I poured And still not much fruit and the 15 % alc showing.

Wife agreed. Not looking good (was expecting



Wow! Is this the same bottle? I tried about 24 hours after opening And the wine has completely changed.

The nose has some dark fruit to it…boysenberry and plum? Pleasant.

Taste: smooth and classy. My wife said she can tell it is a classy wine (we usually drink 15-20 dollar bottles) and not something we usually drink. I had not shared with her the price. She commented she can tell this would go great with steak nd that it was better than day 1.

I definitely got the fruit I was looking for or expecting. Some boysenberry jam (with Jo
sugar added) as well as some anise and a smooth, lingering finish. Not too lingering though. I also got some shaved dark chocolate type finish.

This wine is NoT at all new world. I would say more old world as it has some tobacco, earth undertones to its balanced, dark fruit notes. The petite sirah’s influence is very obvious…I think the PS is what caused this wine to be tight day 1. I did not taste much Grenache or

primitivo in the blend though I know they are there.

I think this bottle is too young to open now and would let it sit. Few years for e PS to
settle in the blend. Again, I am not an expert just going based on what I’ve read here and my experience with this bottle being 10x better on day 2.

Hope this helps.

*EDIT three hours after my original post…left bottle open and now Raspberry and cherry notes are coming through…definitley fruitier than earlier…red as opposed to black fruits…interesting wine to say the least…i definitley taste the Grenache influence…