Deep Sea Paso Robles Cab Sauvignon (3)

Deep Sea Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
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2011 Deep Sea Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles
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Very nice vintners voicemail Andrew.
Got your '08 red blend almost three years ago to the day.
Quite ‘new world’ and fruit forward in it’s profile.
Looking at this it seems like this will be much more restrained.

Curious, do you have any clone 6 planted?

Looking forward to TN’s from others here.

Saturday morning in Manhattan Beach we got our 1st rain in months, after it stopped I stepped into my patio and sitting there in a Petty Officer 1st class Dress Blues was the woot monkey, he smiled and handed me a bottle of Deep Sea Cabernet Saugvignon, Being a Ex Swabbie myself I was quite impressed, he looked real good in dress blues.
Waited until Sunday evening to open this wine. So I did my normal 1st pour of about ½ glass, excellent color, medium to dark purple, and had a nice bouquet, held it up to the light it and can’t see through a good sign, 1st swig & swirl nice and very dry (not a cotton mouth dry but a good Cab dry) Tasted a hint of blackberry right away.
Doing a little research this is from Conway Family Farms it’s a Paso Robles wine and they claim there is a hint of blackberry, raspberry, vanilla and toffee, I got the blackberry & raspberry thing, but not the vanilla, and you all know I’m not vanilla fan. This wine was aged 19 months in French Oak barrels. No Information on CT, or Wine searcher. Wine review listed it in their top 10 wineries to watch in 2011. GetWineOnline has it at $34 reg, $26 on sale, punched in 3 with shipping total was $97.39 add $10 Ca. tax comes out to $107 for 3 so @ 59.99 on woot the price is very good.
Got down to about a quarter glass gave it a swirl and wow had legs like Taylor Swift, (I know she’s a little young, but a beautiful young lady) seriously I haven’t seen many wines with legs like this bad boy. I’m really liking this wine early on. Will come back in about an hour or so and pour the 2nd glass.
Finished the bottle found a slight change to an already good wine and was very Impressed, enough so that I’m in for a pack of 3, and I’m totally out of room. Both my racks are full (100 bottles each), with some wine in boxes on the floor. Don’t worry I’m having Thanksgiving at my house this year and will work the number down.

Thanks for the review, did this seem like more of a modern big cab or a little more restrained old world style?

Edit: reference legs

Thanks for the comments. As far as any Clone 6 at French Camp I’ll check. I know they did some replanting a while back. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the '08 Red! If you get a chance you have to try the '09 Red as well. I went bananas and talked the Conway’s into letting me barrel age that blend for almost 30 months!
As far as this Cab goes, all of us were jazzed at how “comfortable” it was while still having a full body profile! Hope you enjoy!
Thanks again- Andrew Adam

Flash back to Halloween. Along with the other costumed kids, a monkey appeared at my door and demanded the usual, “Trick or Treat.” He reached in, took a couple of pieces of candy and disappeared. When he left, I noticed that a brown paper bag was left outside my door. Inside was a bottle of 2011 Deep Sea Cabernet Sauvignon. What a great holiday idea: Give candy, get wine.

On Sunday, my local grocer had pork ribs on sale, so I picked up a couple of slabs and headed home. To the ribs, I added my usual dry rub and some BBQ sauce, and then slow cooked them in the oven, tightly wrapped in foil. I opened up the cab for a little pre-dinner tasting. I had read the winery’s review, like fred, and looked to confirm, or not, the aromas of sagebrush, black raspberry, vanilla and toffee. Since I do not know what sagebrush smells like, I moved on. There were definite aromas of raspberry and vanilla. The wine had good color and clarity, to go along with slow falling legs. Even on PnP, the wine was soft with a smooth finish. Dark fruits were present and there was no tartness. I do not like overly oaked wines and this one was not oak-y at all.

The fall off the bone ribs were a perfect match for this wine. The bbq sauce paired well with the tannins and acidity of the wine. I should add that later that night I prepared a marinara sauce for Monday night’s spaghetti meal. Again, the sauce paired well with this wine. In some ways this wine reminded me of a nice barbera, more than a cab. SWMBO really enjoyed this wine, which means I need to get an order placed. Overall, this is a very easy drinking wine with good fruit flavors, nice acidity, smooth tannins and an easy fit for a wide range of foods. The WW price is in line with this quality of wine.

(I can’t say that the legs I saw in the glass looked like TS’s legs.)

I can’t thank you enough for the kind comments. I loved the legs comparison to Miss Swift! Glad you didn’t get too much from the barrel. As I mentioned in the voicemail we throttled back on the % of new oak for that very reason. We loved the grapes but the year didn’t allow for a massive over ripe style (not that is our style but…)so I’m very happy our decision worked out. Thanks for the 3 pack order and I look forward to more comments!

Andrew Adam

Gracias! Wow- I love the match of the ribs and this wine. Most of us with the company also have found this wine tends to match well with a wide(r) variety of foods than one would expect. I think you hit it on the head with the comment about the flavors, acidity and tannins.
The Barbera comparison is the first time I’ve heard that but I have to agree with you, thanks for that! We really loved this wine, too often in Cab the pendulum swings way to far- either they are a blockbuster form Napa etc or they are frequently under ripe and thin from elsewhere. Glad this delivered for you. Thanks again for the support!

Andrew Adam

Yep dem is the legs I’m talking about :slight_smile:

Last Wooter to Woot:

I know you were distracted but there was a question in my earlier post.

Its not a big Cab so I guess I would say old world


Nice winery participation and good notes? I have really, no room, but am intrigued in this offer…hmmm what to do???

I didn’t have room either, about 230 bottles with 2 100 bottle racks, but still picked up 3

I know the feeling… I have both wine fridges full, plus the 'stash" I have “hidden”… but, I think I might "need to try this… still trying to decide…

Always room for a good wine

Well, since you asked I would suggest going big!! But clearly I may be guilty of a smidgen of bias! I hope you do give the Cab a try. In honor of today’s Woot, I opened a bottle and am enjoying as I type. Thanks for posting and give it a try!

Andrew Adam
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Conway family Wines

suggestions on how best to grab some of the '09?

Hi again and thanks for the question! The best way is off the website-! It’s a very user friendly site and you should be able to get it shipped to you very quickly. If you have any problems don’t hesitate to email me at I hope you enjoy the '09 as much as I have, wickedly elegant and a mature Rhone profile right out of the bottle!
Thanks again!

Andrew Adam