Deep Sea Paso Robles Merlot (5)

Deep Sea Paso Robles Merlot 5-Pack
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2011 Deep Sea Merlot, Paso Robles
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I opened this with Sparky’s nephew Jeff and neither of us drinks a lot of merlot. I am always looking for a good merlot as there is a lot of pretty average and below average bottles on the market. This didn’t really impress either of us. Initially this wine was very closed down, very little nose so I let it stand for nearly 1.5 hours before I even tried it for these notes so it got plenty of air.

Its a medium depth and pours a Ruby/red color, the wine is clear and free of sediment. The nose is fairly aromatic, with notes of cedar, raspberry and some funk. I felt that the cedar dominated the nose which I didn’t really care for.

The wine is dry, medium-full bodied, and I would call the acid level fresh/average. The tannins are a medium soft are somewhat noticeable but are not harsh in any way. I would say the wine is well balanced. The flavor profile is plum, a bit of raspberry and then cedar. The finish feels a bit thin and short to me.

I stored the 2nd 1/2 of this bottle in a 375ml under screw top and had it a week later. The nose seemed completely closed up with very little fruit, the palate picked up some chalkiness which I can attribute to the tannins being a bit more assertive. I felt it got worse not better for this 2nd pour.

It seems to be straddling the line between traditional style and modern but not in a way that I particularly enjoyed. This wine is a pass for me.

Empty bottle, must not have been all that unpleasant.

I like me a good merlot and the earlier offer of 2009 red blend was good if you like lots of fruit.

My biggest personal (i.e., subjective) dislike for merlot is that the finish can often be short and often tasteless. The French appear to have this figured out, as they add Cab. Franc/Cab. Sauv. to the blend to round out the finish.

Cortot, sounds like your experience here reflected the short finish I’m describing.

1/2 was poured into a 375 for later consumption.

If its anything like the Cab this is a good buy

Surprised by the acid numbers here. It didn’t feel flabby but if I hadn’t tasted it I would have guessed it was flabby. Interesting.

Had this recently. Will search for notes and pot in a bit.

“pot in a bit”!?..

…post in a bit?

A bit of pot?

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