Deep Sea Reader

Ah-ha! I can’t believe this placed! This makes me incredibley happy!! :slight_smile: I love this shirt so much! Angler fish don’t get enough love :frowning:

… and this is why books can NEVER be replaced. Just try using a Kindle underwater like that!

The underbite is so endearing.

I guess the blue makes sense, but I would have liked the design better on black. Would work with the need for light, too.

Yo anglers, I love you… I’mma let you finish, but I really wanted to take an arrow to the knee. shrugs

I was angling for this one to win! :wink:

In any case, I love this design, but must admit a part of me wishes that there were touches of glow-in-the-dark ink on the little guys light and face.

Anyway, congrats on the print Apelad!

To which many would race to post “BLACK AGAIN!?!?” Need shirts besides black!"

As in, can’t win.

Huzzah! Another Woot shirt to wear to work at the library. Yup, life is good. Better with a book. And best of all with a book, a Woot shirt and a nifty headlamp. (gotta get me one of those!)

You seem to wish for that glow-in-the-dark ink a lot :slight_smile: I have to admit though, that would be very neat on this shirt. The only little critique I have is that I wish the background wasn’t so boxy, but it’s a wonderful design nontheless.

I have to thank Finding Nemo for bringing more awareness to this fish that is too often left in the dark. :wink:

On a personal note, it’s another three-for-three weekend and this will be the 6th Apelad design I’ll own.

An Academic Angler?

perfect! i hide at work with a book light and read all the time. lol.


Thanks for the votes! What a week! Placing in this derby comes second only to my wife having a lovely baby girl one week ago today. I’m tempted to rename her Woot.

I like to think of myself as your personal stylist. :slight_smile:

Looks like this guy should be teaching a school of fish.

A totally cool looking shirt! It got a quick chuckle from me. thumbs up Awesome idea!

Ohh… It’s an angler… odd angle for the shirt, expected the A in the title. That makes sense now.

I like it–I really like it, and I just might buy it, but the blue rectangle is a huge turn-off for me. Why couldn’t the whole shirt be dark blue with the lighter blue from the light silkscreened on? I will probably buy it anyway due to my love of sea critters, but I feel like that was a big design fail.