Deer By Numbers

Decent shirt… Just don’t like this dark dark olive green

Not feeling this one at all I’m afraid. Enough so to make my first post about it even.

Sorta random…

If only there were a car in the background of this shirt, I’d be in. Long story short - I’ve hurt lots of deer.

I’m a hunter, but i dont think so…

The way too hungry came out, I wonder how this Green on Green design is going to come out, Ill pass.

maybe if i lived a few states further south i could pull this shirt off :smiley:

This is just…weird…uninteresting…uninspired. No thank you. Bring on the derby.


Pass. Pass. Pass.

Pretty random, but not in the access way. But I’m sure some will be happy as it has none of those evil WORDS on it.

yet another shirt where someone had to be 6 inches away from my chest to understand the design. ill pass, woot, i don’t like guys staring at my boobs.

this is a new low for shirt.woot. Geeks dont hunt except for trolls.

What’s with all the animal shirts this week?

eh… looks a little plain for me… Unfinished? eh…

i gotta get 3 for my hunting buddies…

I don’t think this is technically green on green…it’s black outline on green. The problem with Too Hungry was that the green ink fill of the bottom part of the design was too similar to the shirt color to stand out without an outline. This is only the outline with no fill (at least, that’s what it looks like to me).

It reminded me of one of those “locate the kill zone” hunting charts when I first saw it… Pass

Ms. Cliffe has a real thing for horned quadrupeds. It is the same woman who did Unicorn Hunting Gun.

I dunno…maybe if the design were centered. I like the idea, but I’m torn. That’s a lot of green, and the deer would be wrapped oddly around my chest. And the design just begs close scrutiny.

I guess I’ll pass, but I’m sad. I really really want to buy something. Ooh, look! Three GameBridges for $5.03 at Sellout.woot? Sold!

Surprised it wasn’t a shirt for National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Woot you let me down!