Deering Artisan Goodtime 5-String Banjo (Open Box)

Deering Artisan Goodtime 5-String Banjo (Open Box)

I previously ordered this banjo from WOOT, but when it arrived, it was NOT the advertised Goodtime ARTISAN banjo, but the cheaper Goodtime banjo, which I did not want (the box label & packing slip said ARTISAN). I returned it, and now see the model is being offered again for the same price (now “open box”). I again ordered it, and now see it’s out of stock after one (1) was sold. I’ll wait to see if this is the ARTISAN banjo, or the same one I previously sent back, which should have been noted by WOOT as being a different model.

Hi there. Please let me know if it is in the incorrect model and I’ll alert our returns team to watch for it.

@ThunderThighs Indeed, it’s the some one (I recognize my tape on the {now, somewhat the worse for wear} box). There’s a “Woot inspected by MA” Sticker on it, with “Bad job” written over the sticker and “Wrong Banjo” written next to it, as well as “Not Artisan” written on the narrow end of the box. I’m blacking out both the word “artisan” on the package labels, as well as the bar code, to prevent further confusion. I’d appreciate getting the CORRECT banjo this time, but. of course will expect an RMA and return shipping label. The prior order number was #693xxxx and the prior RMA was #RMA-​#693xxxx. This is CLEARLY the THIRD time the banjo has been offered for sale with misleading description and photograph.

Well drat. Sorry about this and thank you for the info. I’ll let the RMA team know.

These items were pulled from Amazon inventory so there’s likely an issue on their end. There are no more in inventory so we won’t be able to do a replacement. Sorry.

Make sure you reach out to CS for the RMA label. I can’t do those.

PS: I removed your personal and order info.

I just checked with Amazon, and there are 2 in stock. Why can’t the proper replacement be “pulled from Amazon inventory”?
Thanx for cleaning up my post. BTW, how many people are behind “Thunderthighs”?

We can only pull from certain Amazon inventory. They send us a list, we send back what we want, and it goes from there. We can’t pull inventory outside of that process. Sorry.

And there is only one Thunderthighs and it is I.

PS: The two in stock are owned by a 3rd party seller.

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Be aware that your CS page ( now gives me a 404 error (repeatedly). I’ll try to get there another way.

Yes. You have to use

as it requires you to login.

Or select it from the menu under your avatar on any Woot retail site.

Got the RMA label; sending back banjo today. After 2-1/2 round trips, box is a little worse for wear (See photos).

BTW, here are shots from the INITIAL time I ordered the banjo:

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