DEFCON 30 in Vegas

Any fellow nerds like muhself attending? It’s my first time and I know only two people going.

If you’re not going this year but you have been to any of the previous 29, any tips…?


Omg please take pictures you can share with us. That’s so cool you get to go.


I wish I could go, but I am more blue team anyways. have fun.

as with any event like this (SANS, B-sides, etc) if there is anything that requires sign up with limited seating, sign up ASAP.

otherwise, enjoy and absorb as much as possible.


@pepper114 I’ll take a bunch! :smiley: I’m sooo excited.

@wootevil I’m mostly blue team except I’m going to compete in the live social engineering phone challenge, just to see if I could win. Defcon is a good mix of both as you need offense and defense to play the games.

Professionally, a lot of us are blue team all day but you need to think like red team to be effective at work. Defense against the dark arts does require knowing the dark arts unfortunately haha

Thanks for the tip!!