Defective Dell Optiplex 390

I just received a Dell Optiplex 390 from Woot, and it won’t boot; after the Dell splash screen, it’s blank.

The diagnostics from the Bios menu indicate that an “intruder switch cable” needs to be checked. (Error code 2000-0415, validation 116002.) If it’s an easy fix, I’m happy to do it with proper instruction… otherwise I’m going to want a refund or replacement. How do I arrange that? (I sent a note in to customer service, but haven’t received even an automated acknowledgment.)

This is the sort of thing that almost should have been caught before shipping. I understand that refurbs can be a bit tricky – I’ve used 'em for years – but this is the first time that I had one fail to boot out of the box.

–CS (order #66218413)

That typically means the case was open and a switch was flipped and won’t allow you to boot until the switch is reset. It looks like a joystick kind of and can be mounted in various places. Look for a small black pole inside the PC and reset it. If that doesn’t work, make sure all cables are seated right. It’s really an easy fix.

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In BIOS under what should be “Security” there should be an option to disable this. Even quicker switch.

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Thanks… will try!