Defective woot... need opinions.


I received my first defective woot this week. I’m not sure what option to take. I’d like some pointers from other defective woot owners.

So, I got my Dell speaker system last night, installed it today. The middle channel and back channels work fine, but the front channels are not working. It looks like the connection board inside the subwoofer is mis-aligned, so my front channel cables don’t make a connection. Anyway, should I:

  1. Open it up and try to fix it myself? It should be fairly quick and easy, but if it isn’t, I may risk voiding the warranty. (is there a warranty?)
  2. Get an RMA from woot and go through the hassle of returning it without much chance of receiving a replacement?
  3. Call Dell and see if they’ll send a replacement? I am concerned that this option won’t work because the speakers were sold as “brown box no-name” (no warranty?) speakers.

What would a good wooter do?

bill buck


set fire to it…


No, he said “good” wooter.


hmmm, is this the only good wooter is a dead wooter? And I have to set fire to them?


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Bill . . . go the woot route first; see what they tell ya; then contact Dell; if those fail, try fixin’ it yerself . . . if that doesn’t work, you might have to live with the experience of buying “no name speakers” . . .


Dear DM,
Gimma has asked us to leave the legitimate questions alone. DM, let him get an answer before you set fire to the thread.
From your minion, don’t, who wants to stay on the good side of the mods,(never know when you are going to need them)


I was gonna answer it…

option one.

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