Defender Pen #1 w/ DNA Catcher (2 Colors)

Seriously? This is the best you can do for SPORT woot? I don’t why I even bother looking here anymore. If it’s not endless sales of garbage Fila crap (who actually buys and wears Fila?!) then It’s some junk like this. Waste of time…

I’m buying one for myself and my daughter and my friend. A girl can never be too careful and this is something small that can be in my purse, or for my daughter in college, clipped to the strap of her back pack as she walks through campus after a late class. We have taken basic self defense classes and I think this tool would be beneficial if we ever needed to defend ourselves. Thanks woot!

“Hey - you got your DNA on my pen!”
“And you’ve got your pen in my DNA!”

(I hate when DNA clogs up my writing devices)

Seriously, if I were the kind of person who could ever find a pen when I need one - or tended to write in my diary alone in the park at night - this would be pretty handy. I just don’t trust my ability to find things in my cluttered purse enough for this to be practical for me.

Bought a couple of these last time they were on woot. DO NOT waste your time or money.