Defender Wireless Driveway Alert System



18 whole per cent off retail - no wonder they are flying off the shelf…


If only I had a driveway… well, I kind of do, but it is shared with 63 of my closest townhouse community friends and neighbors.


Wonder if I can configure this to watch over my candy dish in my cube?


I have a system similiar to this, it’s called my two dogs bark when someone pulls in the driveway.


Got mine at the Harbor for about $15. Maybe this has a scarier beep.


Anyone know if this will detect people as well as cars?


I sooo want this, but too much for me to spend on it right now. But, my birthday is coming if anyone is feeling kind! :slight_smile:

#9 and are both cheaper


So, it just makes a beep when someone drives into your driveway?

This sounds pretty kablam pointless to me.

If it fired off a couple 40mm rounds into the general direction of the intruder, then you might have talked me into it.


Those are both just sensors - not the entire system.


My Chamberlain model does this. I have two wireless alerts pointed in my driveway due to some recent car thefts in my area. It’s nice to know when someone or something is near your precious whooptie.


Both of those links are for the additional sensor (you can add two more), NOT for the whole package.


Where the heck did my free shipping go?


not a deal. there is one out there for $15, it works just as well and its completely wireless.