Defensive Driver

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale

Don’t get aggressive if you miss this on 07.07.2008, you can buy it tomorrow here!

offensive driving ftw!

i hated taking defensive driving last year…

Sharp illustration! Not my kind of shirt, but great art! =)

This is pretty nice. I’m definitely a car guy so I’ll have to think on it.

Grats on the print, Joby!!! Love the tank-muscle car look. :slight_smile:

Awesome shirt. Love the clean illustration on top of the distressed background.

Hey! That thing got a Hemi!?!

awesome fucking design man. Green isn’t my color, so I wont be getting it, but that is one kick ass picture.

Begs these questions:

  1. Why did you have to take the class last year?
  2. What car do you drive and where?

this shoulda been woot’s first tank top !

According to the heat map, Mississippi and Connecticut love this shirt. Yep, Mississippi and Conecticut, two peas in a pod, those states, I tell ya. Wait, what?

This shirt reminds me of my first Car. I had a lime green Checker Cab, I Will sleep on it but it is quite tempting.

The editing in the product info has gotten sloppy, as of late. Tonight, it’s done “other stuff or us.”

This shirt has everything I like, Hotrods, stars and bad ass design. Plus people will think I’ve changed up my wardrobe from the normal black I usually wear. :slight_smile:

Not the shirt for a girl like me, pass.

Step 1: Write copy
Step 2: Run through spell check
Step 3: Post

Hey, it passed spell check. Good enough, right?

Just kidding, really. Jason’s stuff is typically so good that I’ll give him a pass for a few typos here or there. I’d gladly take the witty/funny stuff with the occasional typo over the boring crap you’d get on most other sites.

Hey nobody’s stoppin you from ripping the sleeves off to get that badass tough guy look. This is a good design for tearing the sleeves off.

Edit: Also, I’m definitely in for one!

Groan. Well played. Well played indeed.

Congrats on the print Joby. That’s a mean looking vehicle. :slight_smile:

Check out that blower