Defensive Driver

very nice shirt, got one :smiley:

Nice art but green is really not my color at all.

  1. It’s part of small car clowning now.
  2. A tiny VW bug, under the big top.

So, there I was on the evening of June 14th in Santa Fe. My son and I had a day-early Father’s day dinner together. All told, things seemed to be pretty much OK.

I was in the middle lane; it was a double-lane right turn. My evening turned to muck as I heard my car scratching a 5 foot long streak into the jerk to my right. I -had- looked over my shoulder, their car was about 1/5th a car-length ahead of me - I don’t know how I didn’t see it. Nonetheless, I figured it was my fault; as it turned out, the other driver was so steamed (euphemistically speaking) that they wouldn’t even give me their insurance info.

At the end of the entire cop-ordeal, I was handed a citation to show up at court on June 30th at 8:30 AM. Which wouldn’t be all that bad except that I live 35 miles away from Santa Fe and since I’m retired I don’t get up anything near that early and 'cuz the cop wasn’t willing to tell me what the likely outcome would be, I spent the next week in semi-mortal terror.

Got to court, pleaded nolo contendere which is the same as “GUILTY!!!” but has the advantage that the other driver can’t bring up a civil suit against me. The judge called it “careless driving” & said the usual top-end for that was 90 days in jail and a $300 fine. However, I’m on a sort of probation so if I can avoid having another accident for 90 days and take a class in… just wait for it… Defensive Driving and bring the certificate to the court the entire thing will be dismissed. I’ll be able to go away, pure and unblemished.

I must admit that I thought perhaps the other driver ought to go to defensive driving class: obviously, THEY sure weren’t being defensive enough.

So - the cost of this crud will be just a bit over $100 total (and probably a slight insurance hike) and sitting through some who-knows-how-awful lectures - except now I’ve got to add the price of a T-shirt that might not be the best thing to wear to the first day of class, but I’ve never claimed to be sane.

Result: in for one. Why such an ugly green, though?

I’d buy it if the car wasn’t there and it was just the star in its current condition.

Had to make MN light up even more. We need these things in the winter. Kinda makes me nostalgic for my deceased 1986 Lincoln Towncar… R.I.P.

Hah - first sucker - roadking99!



Tank top would have been a pretty funny idea, although it’s easy enough to make one I suppose

the star looks like the converse logo

I liked the elephant with wings on his page better that looks more like a woot design,He probably didn’t want to five that one up.

i still draw cars like that…leaning more towards 60’s muscle, but the same blowers/slicks/weenies up front/wheelie look.
in for two. the kid and i look good in green.

Jeez, this is so cool, I dont even like it that much and I’m STILL in for three.

The problem with a lot of woot shirts is the jokes on the shirts don’t make much sense without the title. Like for this shirt, I looked at it and thought "Huh, that’s… weird. " Then I noticed the title, “Oh, heh…”

Did you say WEENIES up front?

I lol’ed


Uh, I actually think this one explains itself. An old car that happens to be big = Tank. It is given a major overhaul with the engines, and for good measure tank treads are added on. I don’t think people will need to stop and think too hard on this one.

Neither do I. That is what makes this a good shirt. I think that people will see me enter my buick century (ca. 1998), and steer clear of the car as I start off. Nothing but clear road ahead…

When I think tank I don’t think defensive.

Maybe it is just the screen I am viewing it on, but the shirt will be considerably lighter green. This almost looks like a forest green.

A better representation is this one of Green Space (stolen from snarkygal):

email joel and tell him… they wanted to print it but decided against it.

tempting…but i dont like green and i dont like muscle cars.