*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

I like it alot if i had the ten dollars i would buy it :frowning:

I want to buy it SOO BAD, but all I have is Asphalt shirts!

Passing … ;(

This was a cool concept and execution.

Where’s the Apocalypse Now???

YES!! so glad this won, going to purchase soon.

bery nice shirt…

In for one…

I like the dark colrs.

This is a truely original work - a rarity for the derby! and dserving of a win

last thing i want is another asphalt shirt.

I’m gonna be definitely definitely interested in how this prints. Definitely.

I’m happy this was one of the winners.

Yay, nice and grats on the print enin!

Looks fantastic, and WTG woot on the description of the color. My laughter was out loud. Definitely.

Definitely what I was thinking; yes, definitely.

Sideshow Bob?

Aren’t there licensing issues inolved here. Anyho Simpsons is so 90’s.

Nice design. Reason im not buying is because of the square pattern of the grey drops…kinda detracts from the design…

Congrats on the print.

A great rainy-day in Portland shirt! In for 2.

Um, Simpsons? Maybe you’re familiar with a movie called “Rainman”…

Morton Salt anyone?

At least that’s what it reminded me of… ahh… the memories. I’m old :frowning: