You can tell it is an umbrella, no simpsons issue

I was positive Apocalypse would get second or third. I might have to re-evaluate my outlook on the world f if this is tied for 3rd with that ugly green one or even worse if it loses.

I wanted to like this shirt. The image in the derby didn’t exactly give a true representation of this one. It looks like a bad droplet-shaped brush over-usage in Photoshop. Passing.

Grats to the derby winners.

Fortunately I have not been super tempted as I recently discovered I am Shirt Poor.

shirt.woot #2! loving this derby - hope apocalypse now is tomorrow =)

Great work, enin. And cwarrington, looks like your stats algorithm took kindly to this derby- just one vote off!

I like it but not enough to buy it.

Dustin and Tom ftw!

Got mine :slight_smile:

The #1 design sold out so fast that I can’t let this one also get away. Love it!

this shirt is awesome…congrats!

Grats on the print Enin!

I agree that the rain drops looks like a clip art from an art program like photoshop or paintshop pro. If the drops were more stylized, then I’d get it. Sorry, passing.

The designer’s general style makes me feel that he drew the raindrop and built the image from there. However, clipart is generally rewarded in the derbies, so either way it wouldn’t be an issue.

I’d love it to be an issue. But either way I don’t think it applies to this shirt.

I just want to say that I love asphalt shirts, as everyone already knows, and this design is incredibly interesting to me. My curiosity got the best of me, and I’m in for one! Haven’t had a shirt in many days, a record for me. I actually have no shirts in transit right now which hasn’t happened in over 2 months.

That means this shirt is sweet! I officially have many more asphalt shirts than any other color. I really wonder how this will print. I think it will come out excellent and woot will make sure of it. A deserving 2nd place for this one. Congratulations!

EDIT: I take it all back. The more I look at the white on the man, the less I want it. I think the white will stick out way too much when printed. Bummer this design looks really well but I don’t think I want to take the chance now. I’m waiting to see if Crouching Tiger prints tomorrow. I understand it probably won’t but I won’t give up on it until I see the other shirt up tomorrow. The Apocalypse Now shirt just doesn’t appeal to me much either, so I may end up with no shirts this derby and I had none from the last.

Who knows maybe we’ll get lucky and see a 2 fer!

Crud! It’s an ok shirt, but the movie was way too sappy for something I’d want referenced on my chest.

AND this means it’s now that much more likely that my favorite of the 4 - Crouching Tiger - won’t get made! It’s the first design on green that I’ve ever really liked!

I was really hoping Rain Man would come in fourth so I could buy 3-for-3 this weekend. but at least I’ll save an extra $10… :frowning:

Great design. Had to get up early ro make sure I could get this.

It seems the colors are different from the original submission.

Kinda slapped all the other artists in the face there…

Hmm…good concept, but the man is a bit too…solid. Doesn’t come across as being made from rain at first. His pose looks strangely stiff, too.

just looking at the percentage rates… if 75% was sold the first hour and 25% was sold so far the 2nd hour… how is the shirt not sold out? i don’t understand the concept i guess.

eta: now it’s 74% and 26%…