Definition of a woot?

I’m old school and a woot is a good deal I found and scooped up on.

I consider myself a frequent wooter, still. I think I’m around a hundred but maybe more, actually. I lost count but woot keeps track and it’s all over the place.

Considering that, is a woot a purchase? Or what now?


It’s both.

If you log into woot proper ( you will see your woots as represented by your purchases.

However, in the forum there is a woot number that correlates to your forum participation as described here (Introducing the Woot! Forums Leaderboard!!)

They are both woots and each one is very wooty in its own way. Your forum woots are currently this (as seen by clicking on your username):

Hope this helps, old timer! :smiley:


It helps, thanks!