Excellent work, congrats Ski!

Yes, congrats Ski! It’s about time!!

Edit: sweet, first sucker!

So well-deserved ski! A hearty congrats to ya! Very cool concept and execution.

Congrats! A very well done tree… almost :slight_smile:

Eraser bits are the best. Actually looks like it was erased. Amazin.

I love this shirt. The concept is simple and so well executed.

It is, however, ironic that the tree would have been drawn by a number 2 pencil made from…a tree o_O

love the authenticity! especially the eraser treads it leaves behind! great job!

Derby plug! If anyone is saddened by this loss of arboreal goodness, be sure to check the derby at noon central. The new theme is TREES, so you’ll see a page full of them. Lovely. :slight_smile:

Cool shirt - if you are a hippie or don’t like a place to live or paper to write on.

I love how woot deleted my post for yesterday’s shirt. I was the first poster but because I didn’t leave a positive comment the post was deleted. Great integrity there woot.

Excellent work. Congratulations.

It’s looks like their destroying Winnie the Pooh’s 100 Acre Wood!

Wanted this shirt the minute I saw it!
Already bought mine. Excellent job!

I’m a hippie, so I’m gonna go with “cool shirt”. And now that you’ve been quoted, you’re here for posterity. Why not print it out on some paper (made from trees, of course) and keep it?

You said, “Hmm… nope,” which is a pretty useless post.

This shirt just looks great. The eraser looks 3-D. Nice work.

Oh how I want this shirt! Alas, there is generally an inverse relationship between how much I want something and how much I can afford to buy it. :frowning:

Wow!! Congrats on this win, for some reason I didn’t expect this to be in 1st. (Although I visited the derby late and didn’t follow anything…) shrug It IS very well done, excellent design. :slight_smile:

yes! we have ALMOST completely eradicated all of the evil trees robbing us of our carbon dioxide!

those pink erasers were never good at erasing very cleanly.

Congrats on the print…

It should have been for april fools day though… Man made qlobal warming is a hoax…

also… worst product description ever.

Good design though. I like the art.

Yes, evil trees! You know what else they do? They prevent erosion. Yes, you heard me. We try to clean the earth and wash away that dirty, dirty soil and trees just hold it there. EVIL.