Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Does the Dual cover option come with the " Upgraded internal cotton insert"?

The cotton one comes with one cool cover - like a duvet, basically.

Can 2 people share 1 blanket? Or is it only designed to work for 1?

Which size corresponds to Twin? Thank you.

Hi there. There’s a size chart in the photo gallery to help you pick a size.

Not a bad price since it comes with two covers and free ship if you have the prime.

Is this machine wash and dry?

This blanket is great to keep light individuals grounded to the bed, some humans have a problem sleep floating. This will comfortably keep you grounded… thanks woot!! My wife has one, she hasn’t left yet;)


Hello, per the vendor: Spot Clean/Dry Clean Only.


Interesting that they all weigh about the same (0.0033 to 0.00375 pounds per square inch), so there is no graduating from a lighter to a heavier blanket in this bunch.

The whole thing? Can you wash the cover?

The covers are machine washable.

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Where on earth are these blankets manufactured???

I’m pretty sure it was made by my uncle in China. However, I have the 15 lb version and it’s super nice. I’m getting the 18 lb version now for the extra weight and overall size of the blanket.

Yup, China.


His mom or dads brother.

What specific part of China? Do you know if the raw materials were locally sourced?