Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Weight is listed as 15 lbs. Weighted blankets for kids are usually heavier than this. Adult blankets should be a lot heavier which is why they are so expensive to buy or even DIY.

Is this weight correct?

Yes, it’s correct.

I had a 20 lb one and a 25 lb one and I am of adequate size…those both were almost too heavy for a hefty woman. 15 lbs might be a decent weight for adults.

I am crestfallen because THIS is the brand that I have been waiting to come back because of the way the weight is distributed. Both of my previous blankets started spewing tiny glass beads everywhere so I am seriously needing a replacement. I need to write the brand name down and search elsewhere maybe. Everytime I hit a wonky patch and don’t wook at my woo!..I miss something I have been watching for.