Delays in replying to design submissions


Is there a typical time for response for a daily submission? Some time ago it was approximately one week. So was this period prolonged now? Or is it just a temporarily delay? Or does it mean that if you didn’t get the e-mail with proposition of contract in week or two - you would definitely get a declination letter, but later?

I don’t want to complain or sound too impatient, but I’ve got some designs submitted like a month ago - and I still have not received an answer - is it yes or no.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you.

Good timing. I hear they contacted you this afternoon.

Yep). Anyway, thanks!

Congrats, Bohsky on your incredible timing and what must have been good news. However, the question remained unanswered. Knowing that your system has been periodically storing submissions in the cosmos, how long do we wait before we resubmit thinking it must have fallen through the cracks.

Hah, thanks!
Yeah, I second that. I have received some responses, but still have like 20 designs submitted weeks ago (even some of them a month ago) with no response. So don’t know what to think, because I am not even sure that you received them due to technical errors.

I’m in a bit of the same boat. One design I got a response back within three days, but my other one has been radio silent for about five weeks now. I felt like I’d be a goober if I made a thread asking about it, but I see some other people have had a bit of a longer wait than usual, too.

Howdy, all. First, thanks for keeping us posted here about your submission issues. Second, we’ve given our submission portal a thorough tune-up and it seems to be running smoothly. Sorry about the glitches!

As of this writing, our current backlog of unaddressed designs is only 1-2 days old. So if you’re still waiting for a response on designs submitted prior to October 22nd, there’s a good chance they were in the batch of entries affected by the submission outages. I know it may be a hassle, but I’d recommend resubmitting them. Sorry.

And to answer the root question in all of this, we TRY to respond to submissions within a few days, or at least weekly. However, between the portal glitches and all the busy times around here, we clearly fell short of that for September & October. In any case, we’re caught back up now, so onward and upward and keep those submissions coming! :slight_smile:

One to two days backlog is crazy fast. Thanks for the update. I’ll be resubmitting my stuff post haste.

Thanks for explanation, Ben.
Gonna resubmit my old stuff

Thanks, Ben.

Are the submission portal glitches back?


Thanks. I hate having to post every time I have not heard back in case the editorial board is still deciding. When I hear back in four days with my most recent submission and have not heard on submissions 2, 3 or 4 weeks before that, it makes me wonder. If there was some kind of general guideline like, “If you have not received a response on a submission within 30 days, please resubmit.” Then, rather than sending unanswered emails or posting on a forum, I could just resend it without you wondering why I was resubmitting a design I just submitted.

I had a theory that the longer you go without hearing the better your chances are (b/c they’re still discussing the submission). I guess I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

So was there a glitch or we just need to wait a little bit more? I’m asking about this, because I’ve received answers about more recent designs, but have several submissions unanswered from the end of December 2017. Just want to clarify, maybe I need to resubmit those works.

I hope that MrBignell’s theory actually works and I’ll get a Yes answer in a while :slight_smile:

There were two different reasons for the delays on the two designs for which I had heard nothing back. So, to my knowledge, there is no technical glitch.

I wish I had that optimism. Sometimes I feel the long wait means “Did not even merit a response.”

Sorry to bump this, but just curious if there’s currently another backlog of submission responses?


Howdy, @shimmytees (+ everyone else!). Some notifications went out late last week, and the rest should come this morning. Between travel and a surgery, I got a little behind. Should be caught up today, though. Thanks for being patient, everyone! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope everything’s all right Ben. Thanks for the update. I subbed 2 over the weekend, so good to know you’re caught up.

Is this still an issue? I expected to get rejected weeks ago but haven’t heard anything. I originally subbed it a few months ago and resubbed after 1 month of waiting.