Delete Cookies

Noooooo! Not the cookies!

I value my cookies!

Is it the cookiepocalypse?

I love cookies and this is a cool design. Too bad it’s not on a white shirt…

By Delete, do you mean eat? Yum, warm, chocolatey cookies!

Humor is sharp, expressions are delectable, this is the Wirdou shirt I was looking for.

Love the shirt. Hate the color. Can’t see me wearing the silver shirt. Another color, please?


First you introduce me to Cookie Clicker in the Monkey Chat email, and now you try and sell me a shirt after I’ve spent days mining cookies!!!

I have baked 288,000,000,000,000 cookies as of this message and I’m baking them at a rate of 3,308,737,664.8 cookies per second!

Really though…you planned this didn’t you?

Cookies are for eating not deleting!

So THAT’S the way the cookie crumbles…
Grats man!

This is a good shirt for the abc’s

A is for Apple, B is for button, C is for cookie, D is for deleted, E is for end, F is for Firefox…Firefox? hah, left that some time ago for G is for Google chrome.

Jimmy Fallon??

Super cute, congrats Wirdou :slight_smile:

i love the shirt!! Don’t understand what it has to do with Kawaii, tho -

And I’ve even BEEN to Kawaii, and i still don’t understand the reference.

Delete all the Kumquats, maybe.

i mean Lychees. Delete all the Lychees.

Those cookies are history…

Umm do you mean you’ve been to “Kauai”?

Because “Kawaii” has a whole other meaning! (Google it) :slight_smile:

This last derby (with all the prizes, the massive participation, the great entries, etc.) has been a really exciting one! And I’m so happy that one of my favorite designs made it to the top 3!!! Thank you everyone and next time you want to delete your cookies think twice (because of the write-up…I mean :))!!

Congrats buddy! It’s great to see this make a comeback

? Who? What?