Delete, You Fools

Gandalf, you sly rogue.

Great look of ‘why aren’t my feet touching anything’ (or perhaps ‘why is the keyboard so far away’) panic.

Infamous last words.

He’s got the look of I’m about to burn.

Love it. In for two!

This answers so many questions.

I love these shirts, I just wish the quality was better! For the volume you sell of the shirts, you could use better ones and still maintain the good price!

HAhahA! I love it.

As it turns out, Gandalf the Gray, was more like a mortal human than conventional wisdom suggested.

Agreed! Even just an option for different weight cotton for an upcharge, like Amorphia does.

I don’t get it…

LOL! This is awesome :slight_smile:

Gandalf is into some weird Orc/Elf fetishes and doesn’t want everyone else to stumble on it when they use his computer after he dies.

It will never happen, and sadly is the reason I had to stop buying the shirts a year or so ago. They are horrible now, and don’t hold up like they did 5 years back.

Ok, this is definitely a must buy for me! Great design buddy, and the joke is perfect :slight_smile:

This is clearly awesome!

I love and want the design but the shirts are so bad these days, dont fit and poor material.

sad face

Thanks for all the kind words! May your holidays be balrog free!

Gandalf the gray should have used incognito mode or private browsing, silly wizard. Perhaps Gandalf the white will be more wise.