Man I find it crazy how some artists can create so many little different things. I have trouble coming up with a single idea, more or less 20 or 30 unique characters.

Feel like a sad rat? Because you got beat.

#3*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race.

Wanna buy it later? Click this link!


This shirt definitely has a Threadless-like feel to it. Plus, its a rare black Woot shirt.


Hey, this is a pretty cool shirt. Its kinda different from the others. I am not sure how much I like it compared to some others. I really haven’t like the ones recently, so this is good to be different.


Interesting shirt. Not quite my style though.


This has about 12 really cool shirt ideas in it. Unfortunately, they’re ALL in it at once.

Still intriguing to look at, but I think we’ve got another tall pipes/recycle more. The big conglommed woots never seem to sell much (and oddly all seem to come right before a derby)


cool design… its different

may get one for my kid


I love it so much… but why does it have to be black??? White would be terrific!! :smiley:


This is a very busy shirt. My children would love it…


Too busy for a shirt. Fail.


Very cute! Nicely done.


Very cool… and on black!


Agreed. Not a big black t-shirt fan. But this design is great!


Not bad… I really wish Woot would resize some of the images, though. Some are printed much larger than looks good.


first i hated it but now its kinda cool…

im gonna give it some brainpower… i may buy the silly thing


Just bought my first Daily in ages! WTG shirt.woot!


For your kids? It’s about drinking BOOZE! Make mine a double!


holly weird shirt


I am with you on this… it is starting to grow on me… hmmm… give me a few more minutes… it shouldn’t sell out? or could it? aarrghh…